[rfc-i] Re: request to deprecate numeric citations in ...

Bruce Lilly blilly at erols.com
Sat Jan 22 12:32:58 PST 2005

On Mon January 17 2005 15:10, Keith Moore wrote:

> the two are not equivalent, because the BCP can change (point to a 
> revised document) whereas the RFC will not.  so the author should use 
> whichever one he means.  if he means "the current version of the IETF 
> policy on charsets and languages", he should cite BCP17, whereas if he 
> means "the January 1988 version of the IETF policy on charsets and 
> languages" he should cite RFC2277.  in most cases the latter is closer 
> to what is intended, because the author is referencing a particular 
> specification rather than giving a pointer to the current 
> specification.

Good point.

I note in passing that the IPR boilerplate specifically
mentions "BCP 78" and "BCP 79", while the 'Status of this 
Memo' boilerplate instead refers to "RFC 3667" and
"RFC 3668".

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