[rfc-i] RFC Editor Queue Contents

Kurt D. Zeilenga Kurt at OpenLDAP.org
Sat Jan 15 10:29:32 PST 2005

At 08:48 AM 1/14/2005, Julian Reschke wrote:
>Bob Braden wrote:
>>And your point was...?
>...that there are documents in the RFC Editor queue under "INDEPENDENT SUBMISSIONS UNDER RFC EDITOR REVIEW" in status ISR which since have been updated, and thus should either removed from the queue (if they are already in IESG processing) or have to re-enter the queue as new submissions.

Some I-Ds were simply refreshed (no changes other than
dates/revision number) by the author as they got removed
of the repository due to 6 mo expiration.  I did this for
at least one of my individual submissions (with note to RFC
Editor).  And, I surely hope, that I do not lose my place
in the queue simple for refreshing the I-D.

In other cases, it possible (though I am guessing here) that
the RFC Editor asked the author to make some changes.  I don't
see why such documents should lose there place in the queue

Also, I have no problem allowing authors to make minor editorial
changes to I-Ds in the queue, as long as they coordinate those
changes with the RFC Editor and the RFC Editor has no objection.
This for the simple reason that it might save the RFC Editor
later on (like during AUTH48).

Hence, I have to disagree that documents should, in general,
be removed from the queue if updated.  I believe whether or not
the updated document should be resubmitted or not is best left to
the discretion of the RFC Editor.


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