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Julian Reschke julian.reschke at gmx.de
Fri Jan 14 05:14:15 PST 2005

RFC Editor wrote:
> Geoff,
> The entry for RFC 3668 refers to the republication of RFC 3668.  The
> IESG sent us a notice to republish this document with a slight
> modification, but there was no ID issued.  Our way of entering this
> document in our queue was to enter it as RFC3668bis.  
> RFC 3302 is listed in our queue to reflect our need to move this
> document to a draft standard.  However, we cannot do this until
> <draft-ietf-fax-tiff-fx-14.txt> and
> <draft-ietf-fax-tiff-fx-reg-v2-01.txt> have been published.  The RFC
> 3302 entry was listed so users would know we did not forget about
> this action. 
> Please let us know if this is unclear or if you believe there are
> changes necessary.
> Thank you.
> RFC Editor

OK, I've run a systematic check on XML versions of the queue and the 
IETF's ID status database, and here are the results. Some of them may 
require checking...:

draft-ietf-magma-snoop-10.txt: newer document draft-ietf-magma-snoop-11 
in status IESG
draft-ietf-rpsec-routing-threats-06.txt: newer document 
draft-ietf-rpsec-routing-threats-07 in status IESG

draft-bradner-pbk-frame-04.txt: newer document 
draft-bradner-pbk-frame-06 in status IESG
draft-agrawal-sip-h323-interworking-reqs-05.txt: newer document 
draft-agrawal-sip-h323-interworking-reqs-07 in status IESG
draft-mills-sntp-v4-01.txt: newer document draft-mills-sntp-v4-00 in 
status IESG
draft-blake-wilson-xmldsig-ecdsa-08.txt: newer document 
draft-blake-wilson-xmldsig-ecdsa-09 in status IESG
draft-freed-mime-p4-04.txt: newer document draft-freed-mime-p4-06 in 
status IESG
draft-ietf-ngtrans-isatap-22.txt: newer document 
draft-ietf-ngtrans-isatap-23 in status IESG

draft-paskin-doi-uri-04.txt: newer document draft-paskin-doi-uri-05 in 
status expired
draft-cordell-lumas-01.txt: newer document draft-cordell-lumas-03 in 
status expired
draft-gpaterno-wireless-pppoe-12.txt: newer document 
draft-gpaterno-wireless-pppoe-14 in status expired
draft-zeilenga-ldup-sync-05.txt: newer document 
draft-zeilenga-ldup-sync-06 in status active
draft-srisuresh-ospf-te-06.txt: newer document 
draft-srisuresh-ospf-te-07 in status active
draft-arkko-pppext-eap-aka-12.txt: newer document 
draft-arkko-pppext-eap-aka-15 in status IESG
draft-haverinen-pppext-eap-sim-13.txt: newer document 
draft-haverinen-pppext-eap-sim-16 in status IESG
draft-shirasaki-dualstack-service-04.txt: newer document 
draft-shirasaki-dualstack-service-05 in status expired
draft-keri-local-anon-00.txt: newer document draft-keri-local-anon-01 in 
status expired
draft-holness-network-l2vpsp-02.txt: newer document 
draft-holness-network-l2vpsp-03 in status expired
draft-park-dna-ipv6dadopt-requirement-03.txt: newer document 
draft-park-dna-ipv6dadopt-requirement-04 in status expired
draft-riikonen-silc-spec-08.txt: newer document 
draft-riikonen-silc-spec-09 in status expired
draft-riikonen-silc-pp-08.txt: newer document draft-riikonen-silc-pp-09 
in status expired
draft-riikonen-silc-ke-auth-08.txt: newer document 
draft-riikonen-silc-ke-auth-09 in status expired
draft-riikonen-silc-commands-06.txt: newer document 
draft-riikonen-silc-commands-07 in status expired
draft-riikonen-flags-payloads-04.txt: newer document 
draft-riikonen-flags-payloads-05 in status expired
draft-riikonen-presence-attrs-03.txt: newer document 
draft-riikonen-presence-attrs-04 in status expired
draft-manning-opcode-discover-00.txt: newer document 
draft-manning-opcode-discover-01 in status expired

Best regards, Julian

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