[rfc-i] independent submissions to RFC Editor

Allison Mankin mankin at psg.com
Thu Jan 13 17:07:03 PST 2005


> Just so I'm sure I understand this, if I post an I-D and then
> hand it off to the RFC Editor as an independent submission, and
> it takes them more than six months to review the document and
> pass it on to the IESG, then the draft will expire before they
> actually do that handoff.  Is that correct?


The IESG and the RFC Editor have talked about improving the
linkages of our document handling; something for a committee 
tasked by the IASA when the dust settles, has been my personal
thought on this.

Btw, perhaps little known fact, drafts can be "unexpired," when/if
this untoward thing happens (the RFC Editor can ask the Secretariat
to do so).


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