[rfc-i] independent submissions to RFC Editor

Julian Reschke julian.reschke at gmx.de
Thu Jan 13 01:59:01 PST 2005

Bob Braden wrote:
>   *>  From a procedural point of view it would be nice if ID's that are in 
>   *> the RFC Editor's queue would not expire after 6 months (do they right now?).
>   *> 
> The Secretariat is not supposed to expire I-Ds that are in the RFC
> Editor queue.  That's the theory... what the practice is, we are
> unsure.

I just checked with the top entries from 
<http://www.rfc-editor.org/queue.html>, section "INDEPENDENT SUBMISSIONS 
UNDER RFC EDITOR REVIEW", and sure enough, they all seem to have expired.

Furthermore, there seems to be an unfortunate disconnect between the 
queue and the IETF's p.o.v., for instance,


appears as

   2004/04/06-I  draft-haverinen-pppext-eap-sim-13.txt
   H. Haverinen, Ed., J. Salowey, Ed.
   Extensible Authentication Protocol Method for GSM Subscriber Identity
   Modules (EAP-SIM)
   Bytes: 210413

while the IETF says:

   <id name="draft-haverinen-pppext-eap-sim-16" date="2004-12-27" 

   (home-made XML format of 

So the document has been revised three times, and has been submitted to 
the IESG for publication). At a minimum this means that the RFC Editor 
Queue needs some systematic cleanup and may in fact be not as long as it 
seems :-)

Best regards, Julian

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