[rfc-i] independent submissions to RFC Editor

Carl Malamud carl at media.org
Wed Jan 12 19:20:36 PST 2005

Hi Allison -

That was very helpful!

> P.S. Carl, are your 4 totally missing, versus version changes?

Here are the four I show:

new revision available:

new revision available:

new revision available:

new revision available:

So, to answer the original query:

> > > 
> > >   *>  From a procedural point of view it would be nice if ID's that are in 
> > >   *> the RFC Editor's queue would not expire after 6 months (do they right now?).

"No, they don't expire after 6 months, though there are a few minor
differences between the two queues."

And, to answer Bob Braden's query:

> > > The Secretariat is not supposed to expire I-Ds that are in the RFC
> > > Editor queue.  That's the theory... what the practice is, we are
> > > unsure.

"Bob, the practice and the theory appear to mesh fairly well."

May I add a query?

"Why does it appear the RFC Editor does not know this information or, it might appear
to an uninformed outsider, does not care what the answer is?"

Best Regards,


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