[rfc-i] Fwd: I-D ACTION:draft-hoffman-rfc-author-guide-00.txt

Alex Rousskov rousskov at measurement-factory.com
Fri Sep 3 10:08:40 PDT 2004


 	I am somewhat puzzled by the recent exchange of e-mails 
regarding your rfc-author-guide draft. It seems to me that you imply 
that there is a significant difference between what draft authors 
should produce and what RFC Editor will make out of their drafts.

 	For example, draft authors may produce a draft without ToC, 
headers, footers, proper sentence spacing, etc. Then, if the draft is 
published as an RFC, those things get added or changed by the RFC 
Editor. You are happy with that because it lets authors use tools that 
are not aware of RFC requirements (e.g., easily format the entire 
draft using an ordinary plain text editor).

 	Is that an accurate interpretation of your vision of "good 
practice"? I want to make sure we are on the same page before 

Thank you,


P.S. The issue of draft requirements is of particular interest to me
      because, as a part of IETF TOOLs team effort, we are working on
      requirements for software that validates and publishes drafts,
      (removing Secretariat from the 'common case' loop).

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