[rfc-i] new MS Word template

Joe Touch touch at ISI.EDU
Fri Oct 29 17:23:24 PDT 2004

Hi, all,

I have just completed an update to the Word template from RFC 3285. It 
includes a number of changes, including:

    o  redefines basic styles (Normal, Heading1, etc.) rather than
       creating new styles (enables auto-renumbering in outline mode
       when demoting/promoting)

    o  updates boilerplate according to RFC 3668

    o  uses more conventional methods for autonumbered references and

The template and post-processing code, and Internet Draft describing 
this new version are available at:

(the ID will be published after the IETF).

Comments and input appreciated.


Network Working Group                                          J. Touch
Internet Draft                                                  USC/ISI
Expires: April 2005                                    October 29, 2004

                     Version 2.0 Microsoft Word Template
                    for Creating Internet Drafts and RFCs
                  draft-touch- msword-template-v2.0-00.txt


    This document describes the properties and use of a revised Microsoft
    Word template (.dot) for writing Internet Drafts and RFCs. It updates
    the initial template described in RFC 3285 to more fully support
    Word's outline modes and to be easier to use.

    NOTE: This version is intended as an update, but can be considered an
    alternate ('fork') if preferred.

    The most recent version of this template and post-processing scripts
    are available at http://www.isi.edu/touch/tools

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