[rfc-i] Draft: Representation of Unicode and UTF-8 characters

Henning Schulzrinne hgs at cs.columbia.edu
Sat May 15 11:05:57 PDT 2004

>         Documents may choose different conventions.  Regardless of what
>        conventions are used, an explanation of the conventions used
>        should be incorporated (possibly by reference) into the document.
>         As this web page is subject to change, documents using these
>         conventions should either directly incorporate applicable portions
>        of the above explanation into their documents or incorporate by
>        reference the Unicode specifications from which these conventions
>        are derived from.


> Or restrict the use of these conventions (without incorporation)
> to Authors' Address, Acknowledgments, Contributors, References,
> and other sections which aren't specifying the protocol or
> providing examples of the protocol.

Since examples are the more (technically) important part of the 
motivation for this convention, I don't think this would be helpful. 
Since the description is one sentence long, including it is hardly an 
undue burden.

> Otherwise, we'll documents using unclear conventions inappropriately.
> Conventions stated outside of a protocol specification (include
> examples in that specifications) should be clear.  Referencing a
> web page is not a good way to make conventions clear.


> Kurt

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