[rfc-i] Draft: Representation of Unicode and UTF-8 characters

Kurt D. Zeilenga Kurt at OpenLDAP.org
Fri May 14 21:48:27 PDT 2004

At 06:06 PM 5/14/2004, Henning Schulzrinne wrote:
>Documents may choose a different convention, but then need to explain the notation.

I think it would be better to say:

        Documents may choose different conventions.  Regardless of what
       conventions are used, an explanation of the conventions used
       should be incorporated (possibly by reference) into the document.

        As this web page is subject to change, documents using these
        conventions should either directly incorporate applicable portions
       of the above explanation into their documents or incorporate by
       reference the Unicode specifications from which these conventions
       are derived from.

Or restrict the use of these conventions (without incorporation)
to Authors' Address, Acknowledgments, Contributors, References,
and other sections which aren't specifying the protocol or
providing examples of the protocol.

Otherwise, we'll documents using unclear conventions inappropriately.
Conventions stated outside of a protocol specification (include
examples in that specifications) should be clear.  Referencing a
web page is not a good way to make conventions clear.


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