[rfc-i] RFC Standard Process question

Bob Braden braden at ISI.EDU
Fri May 7 10:00:06 PDT 2004

   *> Hi,
  *> I have the following question about what kind of changes are allowable 
  *> when a specification is meant to be advanced from "Proposed" to "Draft".
  *> Assuming a specification defines a core protocol, plus a set of features 
  *> that are clearly marked as "optional" (so a server doesn't need to 
  *> implement them), and in particular the protocol defines how support for 
  *> these features can be discovered at runtime.
  *> Is it possible to advance the base protocol to "Draft" while removing 
  *> optional features from the document (possibly moving them into a 
  *> separate document)?
  *> Looking at the history of RFC2396 (currently at "Draft") indicates that 
  *> this has happened before, and certainly this makes a lot of sense. On 
  *> the other hand, some people are telling me that in cases like these, the 
  *> protocol revision would need to go back to "Proposed".
  *> Feedback appreciated,
  *> Julian


This is a question about the IETF standards process rather than about
RFCs, really.  You can read what RFC 2026 says about Draft Standard in
a lawyerly way, but in the end what really matters is what the current
IESG members think ;-)  Maybe you should take the question to the ietf

(My personal reaction to your question would be, "generally, yes".)

Bob Braden

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