[rfc-i] rfc-info needs your help!

Bob Hinden bob.hinden at nokia.com
Wed Mar 31 10:20:03 PST 2004


>   There are lots of places with rather restrictive policies.
>   This may be because of politics ("great firewall of china"), or
>because bandwidth is so expensive that doing anything "interactive"
>like FTP/WWW is slow.
>   On the other hand, email happens asynchronous to the user, and can get
>queued up for later use.  I hate that we use email for this - my opinion
>is that if we had a good non-interactive file transfer protocol that
>people would never send documents by email, and therefore our virii
>problem would never have occured.
>   So, I too, would ask if there is a way for these folks that need this
>service to get things another way - but I think just saying they have
>no business is not right.

I agree.  I think it is important to maintain the ability to receive an RFC 
by email, but I think we can eliminate the email request 
mechanism.  Instead something where the user fills in a simple web form 
with an RFC number (or list of RFC numbers) and his/her email 
address.  This would retain the ability to obtain RFCs via email and avoid 
the current plans with SPAM.


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