[rfc-i] how to interpret <keywords>/<kw> information

Bob Braden braden at ISI.EDU
Thu Mar 18 14:22:52 PST 2004

  *> how should the contents of the <kw/> element be interpreted?
  *> in looking at rfc-index.xml, i'm trying to understand what the keywords
  *> mean. something like this
  *>     <kw>APPN-MIB</kw>
  *> is obvious, but what about

Marshall, the keywords in the XML index mean the same thing they
have always meant in the RFC Editor's search engine, and they "mean"
the same thing that keywords in any publication mean.  We welcome
input on how to improve our choice of keywords to make searching
more useful.

  *>     <kw>Border,gateway,protocol,Open,shortest,path,first,routing</kw>
  *> or
  *>     <kw>[--------|h]</kw>

(That "means" we made a mistake.  This internal encoding should not
have been included in the XML. We will fix it ASAP! Thanks for
pointing it out.)

Bob Braden for the RFC Editor

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