[rfc-i] Status of draft-rfc-editor-rfc2223bis?

David Meyer dmm at 1-4-5.net
Thu Jun 10 12:52:59 PDT 2004

On Thu, Jun 10, 2004 at 02:33:24PM -0400, Thomas Narten wrote:
>> David,
>> This is not really a topic for this list, but I can't ignore this
>> either.
>> > 	Let me suggest that it can get worse. What happens when a
>> > 	document goes into "Expert Review :: External Party", and
>> > 	an expert registers comments (that get into the COMMENTS
>> > 	field), then never responds to the author's response to
>> > 	the comments? This is one way to effectively block
>> > 	a document (this is very much like filibuster, only by
>> > 	silence).
>> If a document gets stuck like this, frustrated parties should contact
>> the Shepherding AD. If that doesn't get a reasonable response,
>> escalate, either by trying other ADs you think might listen, or going
>> directly to Harald (as IETF Chair). But letting documents just sit is
>> not acceptable. I don't think anyone would argue for that.


	First, let me apologize for the off topic post (I didn't
	realize that it was off topic). That being said, I didn't
	say that this situation was acceptable. Nor did I say
	that any one is arguing that such a situation is
	desirable/acceptable. Rather, I did say is that it can
	(and does happen). That much can be stipulated (i.e., is
	fact). FTR, in the case(s) I know of, everything short of
	escalating to Harald was done (and more). There is also
	the issue of not wanting to use a heavyweight mechanism
	like appealing to the IETF chair to resolve these
	issues. This both because many of us would rather not put
	the person who made the comments in that position if
	possible (consider the possibility that there is a benign
	reason for the delay), and/or would like to avoid having
	to escalate anything to the IETF chair level (again, if


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