[rfc-i] AOL rejecting mail with valid URLs

Aaron Falk falk at ISI.EDU
Thu Dec 2 22:34:51 PST 2004


AOL has been bouncing incoming mail which contains URLs that have
trailing forward slashes.  The bounce message says simply that the
email has a non-compliant URL (not true) and directs the poor user to
the RFC Editor site for more information.  Naturally, they don't
understand what there is at our site that can help them get mail
through to an AOL subscriber.  Our policy is to reply with the note
attached and this seems successful at making them go away, although it
does nothing to address the source of the problem.  We're now getting
around two messages per week, like the one attached, from folks
looking for help.  I think it would a Good Thing if someone could
contact AOL and let them know that they appear to have policy which
rejects valid email (and is not clearly documented).   Anybody have a

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