[rfc-i] errata maintenance

Bob Braden braden at ISI.EDU
Tue Apr 13 10:17:20 PDT 2004

  *> Hi,
  *> 	With errata links now provided in RFC search results, are
  *> there any plans to improve errata maintenance itself (i.e., review,
  *> classification, and search of submitted errata) and subsequently
  *> "advertise" future errata availability in new RFCs? Do you want help
  *> in that direction? Or is RFC Editor more-or-less satisfied with how
  *> RFC errata is handled and advertised today?
  *> Thank you,
  *> Alex.
  *> _______________________________________________


We are puzzled about what you are concerned about here.  What do you
mean by "maintenance"?

Entries are reviewed by the authors, which seems to work
satisfactorily.  We don't classify them, although this might be a good
idea.  We don't currently advertise new errata entries, so we cannot
claim to be satisfied with how we do advertise them.

It is not obvious that advertisement is useful/necessary. Their
existence is now shown on the search engine for new readers.  If you
had previously used some document for implementation, you would
presumably have noticed any substantive typographic error yourself, and
telling you later that someone else has noticed it and taken the
trouble to report it seems gratuitous.

RFC Editor

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