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RFC 3875, "The Common Gateway Interface (CGI) Version 1.1", October 2004


Errata ID: 5266
Status: Reported
Type: Technical
Publication Format(s) : TEXT

Reported By: Denny O'Breham
Date Reported: 2018-02-25

Section 4.1.17 says:

SERVER_SOFTWARE = 1*( product | comment )

It should say:

SERVER_SOFTWARE = 1*( *( SP | HT ) ( product | comment ) )


It seems actual usage separates products and comments with spaces such as «Apache/2.4.27 (Win32) OpenSSL/1.1.0f PHP/7.1.9». The definition «1*rule» in section 2.1 doesn't include implicit optional (required?) spaces as a separator.

The proposed definition is backward compatible with the original.

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