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RFC 9067, "A YANG Data Model for Routing Policy", October 2021

Source of RFC: rtgwg (rtg)

Errata ID: 6844
Status: Held for Document Update
Type: Technical
Publication Format(s) : TEXT, PDF, HTML

Reported By: Kris Lambrechts
Date Reported: 2022-02-10
Held for Document Update by: Alvaro Retana
Date Held: 2022-02-11

Section 7.2. grouping prefix says:

       leaf mask-length-upper {
         type uint8 {
           range "1..128";

It should say:

       leaf mask-length-upper {
         type uint8 {
           range "0..128";


With the original definition, it is not possible to specify an exact match for the default routes ( and ::/0) which is a valid use case.

===== AD Note ====
This report is valid, but the resolution requires an update to the YANG model and not just a text correction.

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