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RFC 6902, "JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) Patch", April 2013

Source of RFC: appsawg (app)

Errata ID: 6351
Status: Rejected
Type: Technical
Publication Format(s) : TEXT

Reported By: Palle Cogburn
Date Reported: 2020-12-09
Rejected by: Barry Leiba
Date Rejected: 2020-12-09

Throughout the document, when it says:


If the patch elements included a property "previous" that contained the original value in case of an operation such as "remove" for instance, it would be easy to create the reverse operation - "add". In that way the path elements can be used as audit records and it is easy to revert a path or even a part of a patch, so the document is back to a previous version. All you have to do is apply the reverse patch and also add those elements to the audit trail.
Is this something to consider adding to this document or is it an implementation detail?
This is a feature request, not an errata report, so it is rejected as an errata report. The suggested feature should be discussed on an appropriate mailing list to see if there is interest in adding this feature.

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