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RFC 2328, "OSPF Version 2", April 1998

Source of RFC: ospf (rtg)

Errata ID: 5956
Status: Rejected
Type: Technical
Publication Format(s) : TEXT

Reported By: Marcelo Bustani
Date Reported: 2020-01-08
Rejected by: Alvaro Retana
Date Rejected: 2020-03-18

Section 12.4.1 says:


If the state of the interface is Loopback, add a Type 3
link (stub network) as long as this is not an interface
to an unnumbered point-to-point network.  The Link ID
should be set to the IP interface address, the Link Data
set to the mask 0xffffffff (indicating a host route),
and the cost set to 0.

===================================  Describing Point-to-MultiPoint interfaces

                For operational Point-to-MultiPoint interfaces, one or
                more link descriptions are added to the router-LSA as

                o   A single Type 3 link (stub network) is added with
                    Link ID set to the router's own IP interface
                    address, Link Data set to the mask 0xffffffff
                    (indicating a host route), and cost set to 0.
C.3 Router interface parameters
 Interface output cost
            The cost of sending a packet on the interface, expressed in
            the link state metric.  This is advertised as the link cost
            for this interface in the router's router-LSA. The interface
            output cost must always be greater than 0.

It should say:

"cost set to 0" to at least "greater than 0"


The section 12.4.1 and are inconsistent with the appendix c.3.

These both section we find the cost to stub networks have to be set to 0, but in appendix c.3 we see that the interfaces must have greater than 0.
A discussion on the WG list (lsr) resulted a consensus of no change needed.

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