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RFC 7748, "Elliptic Curves for Security", January 2016

Source of RFC: IRTF

Errata ID: 5568
Status: Rejected
Type: Technical
Publication Format(s) : TEXT

Reported By: Juan Alcasabas
Date Reported: 2018-12-07
Rejected by: Stanislav Smyshlyaev
Date Rejected: 2020-12-15

Section 5.2 says:

   Input u-coordinate:

It should say:

   Input u-coordinate:


In the X25519 2nd test vector the last byte of input u-coordinate should be 13 instead of 93. This will fix inconsistency between u-coordinate, its base10 representation and the output u-coordinate.
A change of one bit of the input u-coordinate in the hexadecimal representation is proposed (to make it "consistent" with the base 10 representation). However, implementations of x25519 should "mask" that bit after taking a u-coordinate as an input - therefore, the existing text of RFC does not have any errors there.

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