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RFC 5570, "Common Architecture Label IPv6 Security Option (CALIPSO)", July 2009

Area Assignment: sec

Errata ID: 4545
Status: Reported
Type: Editorial
Publication Format(s) : TEXT

Reported By: R. Atkinson
Date Reported: 2015-11-24

Section 5.1.7 says:

It should say:

Add the following clarifying text:

While the code listed in RFC 1662 Appendix C reportedly does not 
natively use IETF Network Byte Order, the CRC generated using the 
algorithm from RFC 1662, Appendix C, MUST be stored on-the-wire 
in Network Byte Order in the "16-bit Checksum Field" defined by 
RFC 5570, Section 5.1.7, in order to remain consistent with all 
other fields in the RFC 5570 CALIPSO option.  

Network Byte Order is defined in RFC 791, Appendix B.

As an implementation note, at least one implementer has found 
that in his implementation it is easiest to use the RFC 1662,
Appendix C code as-is for the purposes of generating and calculating 
the checksum.  That implementation reportedly has code that on 
packet creation writes the generated checksum into this field --in 
Network Byte Order-- prior to packet transmission.  The same 
implementation reportedly has code that on packet reception reads
the transmitted checksum in Network Byte Order and then locally 
transforms the value into RFC 1662, Appendix C, byte order 
(i.e. for the purpose of checksum verification upon packet reception
as per RFC 5570, Section 5.1, paragraph 2).


An implementer was confused about whether Network Byte Order applied
to all fields in the CALIPSO option defined in RFC 5570. This erratum clarifies
that Network Byte Order does apply to all fields in the RFC 5570 CALIPSO

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