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RFC 1925, "The Twelve Networking Truths", April 1996

Source of RFC: Legacy

Errata ID: 3104
Status: Held for Document Update
Type: Technical
Publication Format(s) : TEXT

Reported By: Mark Nottingham
Date Reported: 2012-02-05
Held for Document Update by: Pete Resnick

Section 2. (2) says:

   (2)  No matter how hard you push and no matter what the priority,
        you can't increase the speed of light.

It should say:

   (2) If you try really hard, and have the right equipment (or 
       suitable funding), you might be able to increase the speed 
       of light. Or not, we're not sure yet.


Experimental results suggest it may be possible to go faster; see:

It's true that these results have not been independently verified, and it's true that the speed of light was not observed to be increased (only exceeded), but there is now enough doubt involved to justify an errata (with a view to an update in a potential future BIS WG).

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