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RFC 3728, "Definitions of Managed Objects for Very High Speed Digital Subscriber Lines (VDSL)", February 2004

Source of RFC: adslmib (ops)

Errata ID: 1788
Status: Rejected
Type: Technical
Publication Format(s) : TEXT

Reported By: Smadar Tauber
Date Reported: 2009-05-24
Rejected by: Dan Romascanu
Date Rejected: 2009-06-03

Section Global says:

   vdslPhysCurrSnrMgn OBJECT-TYPE
       SYNTAX       Integer32 (-127..127)
       UNITS        "0.25dBm"
       MAX-ACCESS   read-only
       STATUS       current
           "Noise Margin as seen by this Vtu with respect to its
           received signal in 0.25dB.  The effective range is
           -31.75 to +31.75 dB."
       REFERENCE    "T1E1.4/2000-009R3, Part 1, common spec"
        ::= { vdslPhysEntry 5 }

   vdslPhysCurrAtn OBJECT-TYPE
       SYNTAX       Gauge32 (0..255)
       UNITS        "0.25dBm"
       MAX-ACCESS   read-only
       STATUS       current
           "Measured difference in the total power transmitted by
           the peer Vtu and the total power received by this Vtu.
           The effective range is 0 to +63.75 dB."

It should say:

UNITS statement (dBm) does not match units appearing in DESCRIPTION text (dB).

I think 'dB' are the right units for the objects above, but one can check that. Anyway, it is clear that there should not be the existing mismatch.

Same problem for more MIB objects in the RFC.



According to the discussions on the WG list, a new Errata report will be submitted including the complete list of objects affected by this change request.

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