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RFC 4976, "Relay Extensions for the Message Sessions Relay Protocol (MSRP)", September 2007

Source of RFC: simple (rai)

Errata ID: 1269
Status: Held for Document Update
Type: Technical
Publication Format(s) : TEXT

Reported By: Alfred Hoenes
Date Reported: 2008-01-14
Held for Document Update by: Robert Sparks

Throughout the document, when it says:

a)    Header

b)    Headers

c)    header

d)    headers

It should say:

a)    Header Field

b)    Header Fields

c)    header field

d)    header fields


In some parts of the text, RFC 4976 makes confusing sluggish use of
established IETF standard terminology.

Since RFC 2045 ff., and reinforced by many more RFCs, the distinction
between "header" and the elements of a header, "header fields" should be
clear to all. I once again recommend BCP 90, RFC 3864, and in particular
Section 3.1.1 of RFC 4249 for clarification of this terminological issue.

Additionally, the RFC sometimes is not precise enough in distinguishing
the parts of a header field from the whole, e.g. saying "header" where
it should say "header field value" ; this issue will be mentioned below
as case e) and additionally be addressed in specific errata reports.

Note: Remarkably, other parts of RFC 4976, and the whole companion
document, RFC 4975, do not suffer from this deficiency.

The following parts of RFC 4976 suffer from the four variants
of this abuse of language shown in the OLD / NEW boxes above:

a) headlines of Sections 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, and 4.5

b) headline of Sections 4.6 and 10.2

c) - text of section 4.2 (5 instances),
- text of section 4.3 (1 instance),
- text of section 4.4 (1 instance),
- text of section 4.5 (1 instance),
- text of section 4.6 (8 instances),
- text of section 5.1 (18 instances),
- text of section 6.3 (6 instances),
- text of section 6.4.1 (5 instances),
- text of section 6.4.2 -- see extra report,
- text of section 6.4.3 (5 instances),
- text of section 9.1 (6 instances),
- text of section 9.4 (2 instances)

d) - text of section 4.2 (1 instance),
- text of section 9.1 (2 instances)

e) - text of section 6.4.1 (2 instances)

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