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RFC 2142, "Mailbox Names for Common Services, Roles and Functions", May 1997

Source of RFC: Legacy
Area Assignment: app

Errata ID: 1082
Status: Held for Document Update
Type: Editorial
Publication Format(s) : TEXT

Reported By: Frank Ellermann
Date Reported: 2007-11-20
Held for Document Update by: Peter Saint-Andre
Date Held: 2010-09-15

Section 5 says:

USENET         NNTP                [RFC977]
NEWS           NNTP                Synonym for USENET

It should say:

USENET         NNTP                [RFC1849]
NEWSMASTER     NNTP                Synonym for USENET


RFC 977 (obsoleted by RFC 3977) as well as RFC 1036 (obsoleted by RFC.ietf-usefor-usefor) don't specify rôle accounts USENET or NEWS.

Section 1 states that "Other protocols have defacto standards for well known mailbox names, such as <USENET@domain> for NNTP (see [RFC977])", however the IETF USEFOR WG didn't add just as little as an informative reference to RFC 2142.

IESG NOTE (2010-09-15): The foregoing text is corrupted, however the intent is clearly that [son-of-1036] is the proper reference for the USENET mailbox convention; note that in March 2010 [son-of-1036] was published as RFC 1849. --Peter Saint-Andre

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