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RFC 4905, "Encapsulation Methods for Transport of Layer 2 Frames over MPLS Networks", June 2007

Area Assignment: rtg

Errata ID: 1036
Status: Rejected
Type: Editorial
Publication Format(s) : TEXT

Reported By: Alfred Hoenes
Date Reported: 2007-08-17
Rejected by: Stewart Bryant
Date Rejected: 2011-09-14


IMHO, RFC 4905 contains inappropriate text copied literally from
RFC 4906, in two places:
   a)  at the end of the Abstract, and
   b)  at the end of Section 3

The last sentence in a) says:

      [...]  This document describes the so-called "draft-martini"
   protocol, which has since been superseded by the Pseudowire Emulation
   Edge to Edge Working Group specifications described in RFC 4447 and
   related documents.

The last sentence in b) says:
                                                           [...].  The
   PWE3 Label Distribution Protocol control protocol document [RFC4447],
   which is backward compatible with this document, MUST be used for all
   new implementations of this protocol.

Roughly, RFC 4447 is the Standards Track successor of RFC 4906;
thus, both sentences are perfectly proper in the context of RFC 4906,
but they should have been replaced by more specific text matching
the technical contents of RFC 4905 and listing the corresponding
Standards Track documents.


This text concerned was included during the preparation of the original "draft-martini" drafts for publication as documents of historical interest to the IETF.

The text is harmless, and there is unlikely to be any value to the community in expending effort on corrected text.

Normally an issue like this would be held for update, but there will be no update to this document.

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