Copyrights and Patent Rights in RFCs

The IETF Trustee License Information page summarizes the current rules governing RFC copyrights and disclaimers on intellectual property rights, as of 10 November 2008.

It is coordinated with the IETF documents “Rights Contributors Provide to the IETF Trust”, BCP 78 (RFC 5378) and “Intellectual Property Rights in IETF Technology”, BCP 79 (RFC 8179). These documents are the result of an effort by the IPR working group of the IETF, replacing earlier versions defined in RFCs 3668, 3978, 3979, and 4748. All RFCs, Internet-Drafts, and associated editorial discussion are covered by the IETF Note Well policy.

For more information, see the IETF Copyright FAQ.

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