PUB    |    RFC9352    |     draft-ietf-lsr-isis-srv6-extensions-19.txt

PUB    |    RFC9259    |     draft-ietf-6man-spring-srv6-oam-13.txt

PUB    |    RFC9351    |     draft-ietf-idr-bgp-ls-flex-algo-12.txt

PUB    |    RFC9350    |     draft-ietf-lsr-flex-algo-26.txt

2023-02-17      |    draft-ietf-idr-bgpls-srv6-ext-14.txt    |    MISSREF*R(1G)


Authors:  G. Dawra, C. Filsfils, K. Talaulikar, M. Chen, D. Bernier, B. Decraene

Title:  "BGP Link State Extensions for SRv6"

Bytes: 57099

Working Group: Inter-Domain Routing

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