2019-10-10      |    draft-ietf-intarea-frag-fragile-17.txt    |    RFC-EDITOR*R


  • draft-ietf-tsvwg-datagram-plpmtud   RFC-EDITOR

Authors:  R. Bonica, F. Baker, G. Huston, B. Hinden, O. Trøan, F. Gont

Title:  "IP Fragmentation Considered Fragile"

Bytes: 62382

Working Group: Internet Area Working Group

2020-06-10      |    draft-ietf-tsvwg-datagram-plpmtud-22.txt    |    RFC-EDITOR

Authors:  G. Fairhurst, T. Jones, M. Tüxen, I. Ruengeler, T. Voelker

Title:  "Packetization Layer Path MTU Discovery for Datagram Transports"

Bytes: 110799

Working Group: Transport Area Working Group

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