2016-08-03      |    draft-ietf-avtext-splicing-notification-09.txt    |    AUTH48*R


  • draft-ietf-avtcore-rfc5285-bis   AUTH48

Authors:  J. Xia, R. Even, R. Huang, L. Deng

Title:  "RTP/RTCP extension for RTP Splicing Notification"

Bytes: 45559

Working Group: Audio/Video Transport Extensions

2017-08-07      |    draft-ietf-avtcore-rfc5285-bis-14.txt    |    AUTH48

Authors:  D. Singer, H. Desineni, R. Even, Ed.

Title:  "A General Mechanism for RTP Header Extensions"

Bytes: 54655

Working Group: Audio/Video Transport Core Maintenance

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