AUTH48 status of draft-ietf-rmcat-cc-requirements-09 (RFC-to-be 8836)

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Name Approved? Date of Approval
R. Jesup Y 2020-10-19
Z. Sarker, Ed. Y 2020-06-15
AD (Martin Duke) N  

** This document is part of Cluster C238, so may have additional holds before publication.


2020-06-15: Requested AD approval of removal of a bullet item in Section 2. 2020-06-19: AD approval received. 2020-09-16: The topic of "key words" (RFCs 2119 and 8174) has come up. Asked AD for feedback re. any related updates that might be made. 2020-10-20: Update (FYI): The "RFCs 2119 and 8174" question is still pending a review and response from Zahed, per Martin. Martin will approve after he can review Zahed's updates (if any).

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