The notation defined below is used in the RFC Editor Queue and Current Queue (sortable view).

Definitions of States

  • EDIT = Awaiting editing or being edited
  • RFC-EDITOR = Undergoing final internal review before AUTH48
  • AUTH48 = Awaiting final author approval
  • AUTH48-DONE = Final approvals are complete
  • AUTH = Awaiting author action
  • IESG = Awaiting IESG action
  • IANA = Document has been edited, but is holding for completion of IANA actions
  • REF = Document has been edited, but is holding for a normative reference that is in the queue
    (Note: In addition, "REF" is used to mark a list of normative references shown on the queue page. Each reference is listed as IN-QUEUE or NOT-RECEIVED.)
  • MISSREF = Awaiting a missing normative reference (i.e., the reference is NOT-RECEIVED). See below regarding MISSREF generation numbers.

Definitions of Flags

A document can move through various states, while having either, both, or no flags set.

  • *A = IANA flag. The document has IANA actions that are not yet completed.
  • *R = Reference flag. The document has one or more normative references that are IN-QUEUE or NOT-RECEIVED.

Definitions of MISSREF Generation Numbers

  • 1G = has a reference to a NOT-RECEIVED document
  • 2G = has a reference to a document that references a NOT-RECEIVED document
  • 3G = has a reference to a document that references a doc that references a NOT-RECEIVED document

States That Are No Longer in Use

As of March 2013, documents under review by the Independent Submissions Editor are tracked in the Datatracker.
  • ISR = Independent Submission Review by the ISE
  • ISR-AUTH = Independent submission awaiting author action, or in discussion between author and ISE
  • TO = Time-out period during which the IESG performs a review as described in BCP 92 (TO is listed with an expiration date on the queue page.)

For more information, please see the Publication Process and RFC Editor Process Flow Chart.

Last updated: 2013-03-26