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NumberFilesTitleAuthorsDateMore InfoStatus
RFC 114ASCII, PDF, HTML File Transfer Protocol A.K. BhushanApril 1971Updated by RFC 133, RFC 141, RFC 171, RFC 172Unknown
RFC 133ASCII, PDF, HTML File Transfer and Error Recovery R.L. SunbergApril 1971Updates RFC 114Unknown
RFC 141ASCII, PDF, HTML Comments on RFC 114: A File Transfer Protocol E. Harslem, J.F. HeafnerApril 1971Updates RFC 114Unknown
RFC 163ASCII, PDF, HTML Data transfer protocols V.G. CerfMay 1971    Unknown
RFC 171ASCII, PDF, HTML The Data Transfer Protocol A. Bhushan, B. Braden, W. Crowther, E. Harslem, J. Heafner, A. McKenize, J. Melvin, B. Sundberg, D. Watson, J. WhiteJune 1971Obsoleted by RFC 264, Updates RFC 114, Updated by RFC 238Unknown
RFC 172ASCII, PDF, HTML The File Transfer Protocol A. Bhushan, B. Braden, W. Crowther, E. Harslem, J. Heafner, A. McKenzie, J. Melvin, B. Sundberg, D. Watson, J. WhiteJune 1971Obsoleted by RFC 265, Updates RFC 114, Updated by RFC 238Unknown
RFC 238ASCII, PDF, HTML Comments on DTP and FTP proposals R.T. BradenSeptember 1971Updates RFC 171, RFC 172Unknown
RFC 264ASCII, PDF, HTML The Data Transfer Protocol A. Bhushan, B. Braden, W. Crowther, E. Harslem, J. Heafner, A. McKenize, B. Sundberg, D. Watson, J. WhiteJanuary 1972Obsoletes RFC 171, Obsoleted by RFC 354, Updated by RFC 310Unknown
RFC 265ASCII, PDF, HTML The File Transfer Protocol A. Bhushan, B. Braden, W. Crowther, E. Harslem, J. Heafner, A. McKenzie, J. Melvin, B. Sundberg, D. Watson, J. WhiteNovember 1971Obsoletes RFC 172, Obsoleted by RFC 354, Updated by RFC 281, RFC 294, RFC 310Unknown
RFC 281ASCII, PDF, HTML Suggested addition to File Transfer Protocol A.M. McKenzieDecember 1971Updates RFC 265Unknown
RFC 294ASCII, PDF, HTML The Use of "Set Data Type" Transaction in File Transfer Protocol A.K. BhushanJanuary 1972Updates RFC 265Unknown
RFC 309ASCII, PDF, HTML Data and File Transfer Workshop Announcement A.K. BhushanMarch 1972    Unknown
RFC 310ASCII, PDF, HTML Another Look at Data and File Transfer Protocols A.K. BhushanApril 1972Updates RFC 264, RFC 265Unknown
RFC 354ASCII, PDF, HTML File Transfer Protocol A.K. BhushanJuly 1972Obsoletes RFC 264, RFC 265, Obsoleted by RFC 542, Updated by RFC 385, RFC 454, RFC 683Unknown
RFC 385ASCII, PDF, HTML Comments on the File Transfer Protocol A.K. BhushanAugust 1972Updates RFC 354, Updated by RFC 414Unknown
RFC 412ASCII, PDF, HTML User FTP Documentation G. HicksNovember 1972    Unknown
RFC 414ASCII, PDF, HTML File Transfer Protocol (FTP) status and further comments A.K. BhushanDecember 1972Updates RFC 385Unknown
RFC 438ASCII, PDF, HTML FTP server-server interaction R. Thomas, R. ClementsJanuary 1973    Unknown
RFC 448ASCII, PDF, HTML Print files in FTP R.T. BradenFebruary 1973    Unknown
RFC 454ASCII, PDF, HTML File Transfer Protocol - meeting announcement and a new proposed document A.M. McKenzieFebruary 1973Updates RFC 354Unknown
RFC 458ASCII, PDF, HTML Mail retrieval via FTP R.D. Bressler, R. ThomasFebruary 1973    Unknown
RFC 463ASCII, PDF, HTML FTP comments and response to RFC 430 A.K. BhushanFebruary 1973    Unknown
RFC 468ASCII, PDF, HTML FTP data compression R.T. BradenMarch 1973    Unknown
RFC 475ASCII, PDF, PDF with Images, HTMLFTP and Network Mail System A.K. BhushanMarch 1973    Unknown
RFC 478ASCII, PDF, HTML FTP server-server interaction - II R.D. Bressler, R. ThomasMarch 1973    Unknown
RFC 479ASCII, PDF, HTML Use of FTP by the NIC Journal J.E. WhiteMarch 1973    Unknown
RFC 480ASCII, PDF, HTML Host-dependent FTP parameters J.E. WhiteMarch 1973    Unknown
RFC 486ASCII, PDF, HTML Data transfer revisited R.D. BresslerMarch 1973    Unknown
RFC 487ASCII, PDF, HTML Free file transfer R.D. BresslerApril 1973    Unknown
RFC 501ASCII, PDF, HTML Un-muddling "free file transfer" K.T. PogranMay 1973    Unknown
RFC 505ASCII, PDF, HTML Two solutions to a file transfer access problem M.A. PadlipskyJune 1973    Unknown
RFC 506ASCII, PDF, HTML FTP command naming problem M.A. PadlipskyJune 1973    Unknown
RFC 520ASCII, PDF, HTML Memo to FTP group: Proposal for File Access Protocol J.D. DayJune 1973    Unknown
RFC 532ASCII, PDF, HTML UCSD-CC Server-FTP facility R.G. MerrymanJuly 1973    Unknown
RFC 542ASCII, PDF, HTMLFile Transfer Protocol N. NeigusAugust 1973Errata, Obsoletes RFC 354, Obsoleted by RFC 765, Updated by RFC 614, RFC 640Unknown
RFC 571ASCII, PDF, HTMLTENEX FTP PROBLEMR. BradenNovember 1973    Unknown
RFC 593ASCII, PDF, HTML Telnet and FTP implementation schedule change A.M. McKenzie, J. PostelNovember 1973    Unknown
RFC 607ASCII, PDF, HTML Comments on the File Transfer Protocol M. Krilanovich, G. GreggJanuary 1974Obsoleted by RFC 624, Updated by RFC 614Unknown
RFC 614ASCII, PDF, HTML Response to RFC 607: "Comments on the File Transfer Protocol" K.T. Pogran, N. NeigusJanuary 1974Updates RFC 542, RFC 607Unknown
RFC 624ASCII, PDF, HTML Comments on the File Transfer Protocol M. Krilanovich, G. Gregg, W. Hathaway, J.E. WhiteFebruary 1974Obsoletes RFC 607Unknown
RFC 630ASCII, PDF, HTML FTP error code usage for more reliable mail service J. SussmanApril 1974    Unknown
RFC 640ASCII, PDF, HTML Revised FTP reply codes J. PostelJune 1974Errata, Updates RFC 542Unknown
RFC 683ASCII, PDF, HTML FTPSRV - Tenex extension for paged files R. ClementsApril 1975Updates RFC 354Unknown
RFC 691ASCII, PDF, HTML One more try on the FTP B. HarveyJune 1975    Unknown
RFC 697ASCII, PDF, HTML CWD command of FTP J. LiebJuly 1975    Unknown
RFC 737ASCII, PDF, HTML FTP extension: XSEN K. HarrenstienOctober 1977    Unknown
RFC 743ASCII, PDF, HTML FTP extension: XRSQ/XRCP K. HarrenstienDecember 1977    Unknown
RFC 751ASCII, PDF, HTML Survey of FTP mail and MLFL P.D. LeblingDecember 1978    Unknown
RFC 775ASCII, PDF, HTML Directory oriented FTP commands D. Mankins, D. Franklin, A.D. OwenDecember 1980    Unknown
RFC 783ASCII, PDF, HTML TFTP Protocol (revision 2) K.R. SollinsJune 1981Errata, Obsoletes IEN 133, Obsoleted by RFC 1350Unknown
RFC 906ASCII, PDF, HTML Bootstrap loading using TFTP R. FinlaysonJune 1984    Unknown
RFC 913ASCII, PDF, HTML Simple File Transfer Protocol M. LottorSeptember 1984    Historic
RFC 949ASCII, PDF, HTML FTP unique-named store command M.A. PadlipskyJuly 1985    Unknown
RFC 959 a.k.a. STD 9

ASCII, PDF, HTMLFile Transfer Protocol J. Postel, J. ReynoldsOctober 1985Errata, Obsoletes RFC 765, Updated by RFC 2228, RFC 2640, RFC 2773, RFC 3659, RFC 5797, RFC 7151Internet Standard
RFC 1068ASCII, PDF, HTML Background File Transfer Program (BFTP) A.L. DeSchon, R.T. BradenAugust 1988    Unknown
RFC 1350 a.k.a. STD 33

ASCII, PDF, HTML The TFTP Protocol (Revision 2) K. SollinsJuly 1992Errata, Obsoletes RFC 783, Updated by RFC 1782, RFC 1783, RFC 1784, RFC 1785, RFC 2347, RFC 2348, RFC 2349Internet Standard
RFC 1415ASCII, PDF, HTML FTP-FTAM Gateway Specification J. Mindel, R. SlaskiJanuary 1993    Historic (changed from Proposed Standard March 2006)
RFC 1440ASCII, PDF, HTML SIFT/UFT: Sender-Initiated/Unsolicited File Transfer R. TrothJuly 1993    Experimental
RFC 1545ASCII, PDF, HTML FTP Operation Over Big Address Records (FOOBAR) D. PiscitelloNovember 1993Obsoleted by RFC 1639Experimental
RFC 1579ASCII, PDF, HTML Firewall-Friendly FTP S. BellovinFebruary 1994    Informational
RFC 1580 a.k.a. FYI 23

ASCII, PDF, HTML Guide to Network Resource Tools EARN StaffMarch 1994    Informational
RFC 1635 a.k.a. FYI 24

ASCII, PDF, HTML How to Use Anonymous FTP P. Deutsch, A. Emtage, A. MarineMay 1994    Informational
RFC 1639ASCII, PDF, HTML FTP Operation Over Big Address Records (FOOBAR) D. PiscitelloJune 1994Obsoletes RFC 1545Experimental
RFC 1739ASCII, PDF, HTML A Primer On Internet and TCP/IP Tools G. Kessler, S. ShepardDecember 1994Obsoleted by RFC 2151Informational
RFC 1782ASCII, PDF, HTML TFTP Option Extension G. Malkin, A. HarkinMarch 1995Obsoleted by RFC 2347, Updates RFC 1350Proposed Standard
RFC 1783ASCII, PDF, HTML TFTP Blocksize Option G. Malkin, A. HarkinMarch 1995Obsoleted by RFC 2348, Updates RFC 1350Proposed Standard
RFC 1784ASCII, PDF, HTML TFTP Timeout Interval and Transfer Size Options G. Malkin, A. HarkinMarch 1995Obsoleted by RFC 2349, Updates RFC 1350Proposed Standard
RFC 1785ASCII, PDF, HTML TFTP Option Negotiation Analysis G. Malkin, A. HarkinMarch 1995Updates RFC 1350Informational
RFC 1986ASCII, PDF, HTML Experiments with a Simple File Transfer Protocol for Radio Links using Enhanced Trivial File Transfer Protocol (ETFTP) W. Polites, W. Wollman, D. Woo, R. LanganAugust 1996    Experimental
RFC 2090ASCII, PDF, HTML TFTP Multicast Option A. EmbersonFebruary 1997    Experimental
RFC 2204ASCII, PDF, HTML ODETTE File Transfer Protocol D. NashSeptember 1997Obsoleted by RFC 5024Informational
RFC 2228ASCII, PDF, HTML FTP Security Extensions M. Horowitz, S. LuntOctober 1997Updates RFC 959Proposed Standard
RFC 2347ASCII, PDF, HTML TFTP Option Extension G. Malkin, A. HarkinMay 1998Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1782, Updates RFC 1350Draft Standard
RFC 2348ASCII, PDF, HTML TFTP Blocksize Option G. Malkin, A. HarkinMay 1998Obsoletes RFC 1783, Updates RFC 1350Draft Standard
RFC 2349ASCII, PDF, HTML TFTP Timeout Interval and Transfer Size Options G. Malkin, A. HarkinMay 1998Obsoletes RFC 1784, Updates RFC 1350Draft Standard
RFC 2389ASCII, PDF, HTML Feature negotiation mechanism for the File Transfer Protocol P. Hethmon, R. ElzAugust 1998    Proposed Standard
RFC 2428ASCII, PDF, HTML FTP Extensions for IPv6 and NATs M. Allman, S. Ostermann, C. MetzSeptember 1998ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 2577ASCII, PDF, HTML FTP Security Considerations M. Allman, S. OstermannMay 1999    Informational
RFC 2585ASCII, PDF, HTMLInternet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Operational Protocols: FTP and HTTP R. Housley, P. HoffmanMay 1999ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 2640ASCII, PDF, HTML Internationalization of the File Transfer Protocol B. CurtinJuly 1999Errata, Updates RFC 959Proposed Standard
RFC 3617ASCII, PDF, HTML Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) Scheme and Applicability Statement for the Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) E. LearOctober 2003    Informational
RFC 3659ASCII, PDF, HTMLExtensions to FTPP. HethmonMarch 2007Errata, Updates RFC 959Proposed Standard
RFC 4217ASCII, PDF, HTMLSecuring FTP with TLSP. Ford-HutchinsonOctober 2005ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4823ASCII, PDF, HTMLFTP Transport for Secure Peer-to-Peer Business Data Interchange over the InternetT. Harding, R. ScottApril 2007ErrataInformational
RFC 5797ASCII, PDF, HTMLFTP Command and Extension RegistryJ. Klensin, A. HoenesMarch 2010Errata, Updates RFC 959Proposed Standard
RFC 5854ASCII, PDF, HTMLThe Metalink Download Description FormatA. Bryan, T. Tsujikawa, N. McNab, P. PoemlJune 2010    Proposed Standard
RFC 5859ASCII, PDF, HTMLTFTP Server Address Option for DHCPv4R. JohnsonJune 2010    Informational
RFC 6249ASCII, PDF, HTMLMetalink/HTTP: Mirrors and HashesA. Bryan, N. McNab, T. Tsujikawa, P. Poeml, H. NordstromJune 2011ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 6384ASCII, PDF, HTMLAn FTP Application Layer Gateway (ALG) for IPv6-to-IPv4 TranslationI. van BeijnumOctober 2011    Proposed Standard
RFC 7151ASCII, PDF, HTMLFile Transfer Protocol HOST Command for Virtual HostsP. Hethmon, R. McMurrayMarch 2014Updates RFC 959Proposed Standard
RFC 7440ASCII, PDF, HTMLTFTP Windowsize OptionP. MasottaJanuary 2015    Proposed Standard