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NumberFilesTitleAuthorsDateMore InfoStatus
RFC 809ASCII, PDF UCL facsimile system T. ChangFebruary 1982    Unknown
RFC 805ASCII, PDF Computer mail meeting notes J. PostelFebruary 1982    Unknown
RFC 807ASCII, PDF Multimedia mail meeting notes J. PostelFebruary 1982    Unknown
RFC 808ASCII, PDF Summary of computer mail services meeting held at BBN on 10 January 1979 J. PostelMarch 1982    Unknown
RFC 810ASCII, PDF DoD Internet host table specification E.J. Feinler, K. Harrenstien, Z. Su, V. WhiteMarch 1982Obsoletes RFC 608, Obsoleted by RFC 952Unknown
RFC 811ASCII, PDF Hostnames Server K. Harrenstien, V. White, E.J. FeinlerMarch 1982Obsoleted by RFC 953Unknown
RFC 812ASCII, PDF NICNAME/WHOIS K. Harrenstien, V. WhiteMarch 1982Obsoleted by RFC 954, RFC 3912Unknown
RFC 813ASCII, PDF Window and Acknowledgement Strategy in TCP D.D. ClarkJuly 1982    Unknown
RFC 814ASCII, PDF Name, addresses, ports, and routes D.D. ClarkJuly 1982    Unknown
RFC 815ASCII, PDF IP datagram reassembly algorithms D.D. ClarkJuly 1982    Unknown
RFC 816ASCII, PDF Fault isolation and recovery D.D. ClarkJuly 1982    Unknown
RFC 817ASCII, PDF Modularity and efficiency in protocol implementation D.D. ClarkJuly 1982    Unknown
RFC 819ASCII, PDFThe Domain Naming Convention for Internet User ApplicationsZ. Su, J. PostelAugust 1982    Unknown
RFC 821 part of STD 10

ASCII, PDF Simple Mail Transfer Protocol J. PostelAugust 1982Obsoletes RFC 788, Obsoleted by RFC 2821Internet Standard
RFC 828ASCII, PDF Data communications: IFIP's international "network" of experts K. OwenAugust 1982    Unknown
RFC 822 a.k.a. STD 11

ASCII, PDFSTANDARD FOR THE FORMAT OF ARPA INTERNET TEXT MESSAGES D. CrockerAugust 1982Obsoletes RFC 733, Obsoleted by RFC 2822, Updated by RFC 1123, RFC 2156, RFC 1327, RFC 1138, RFC 1148, ErrataInternet Standard
RFC 820ASCII, PDF Assigned numbers J. PostelAugust 1982Obsoletes RFC 790, Obsoleted by RFC 870Historic (changed from Unknown October 1983)
RFC 824ASCII, PDF CRONUS Virtual Local Network W.I. MacGregor, D.C. TappanAugust 1982    Unknown
RFC 823ASCII, PDF DARPA Internet gateway R.M. Hinden, A. SheltzerSeptember 1982Updates IEN 109, IEN 30Historic
RFC 871ASCII, PDF Perspective on the ARPANET reference model M.A. PadlipskySeptember 1982    Unknown
RFC 872ASCII, PDF TCP-on-a-LAN M.A. PadlipskySeptember 1982    Unknown
RFC 873ASCII, PDF Illusion of vendor support M.A. PadlipskySeptember 1982    Unknown
RFC 874ASCII, PDF Critique of X.25 M.A. PadlipskySeptember 1982    Unknown
RFC 875ASCII, PDF Gateways, architectures, and heffalumps M.A. PadlipskySeptember 1982    Unknown
RFC 827ASCII, PDF Exterior Gateway Protocol (EGP) E.C. RosenOctober 1982Updated by RFC 904Unknown
RFC 830ASCII, PDF Distributed system for Internet name service Z. SuOctober 1982    Unknown
RFC 699ASCII, PDF Request For Comments summary notes: 600-699 J. Postel, J. VernonNovember 1982    Informational
RFC 800ASCII, PDF Request For Comments summary notes: 700-799 J. Postel, J. VernonNovember 1982    Informational
RFC 818ASCII, PDF Remote User Telnet service J. PostelNovember 1982    Historic
RFC 825ASCII, PDF Request for comments on Requests For Comments J. PostelNovember 1982Obsoleted by RFC 1111, RFC 1543, RFC 2223Unknown
RFC 826 a.k.a. STD 37

ASCII, PDFEthernet Address Resolution Protocol: Or Converting Network Protocol Addresses to 48.bit Ethernet Address for Transmission on Ethernet HardwareD. PlummerNovember 1982Updated by RFC 5227, RFC 5494Internet Standard
RFC 829ASCII, PDF Packet satellite technology reference sources V.G. CerfNovember 1982    Unknown
RFC 831ASCII, PDF Backup access to the European side of SATNET R.T. BradenDecember 1982    Unknown
RFC 832ASCII, PDF Who talks TCP? D. SmallbergDecember 1982Obsoleted by RFC 833Unknown
RFC 833ASCII, PDF Who talks TCP? D. SmallbergDecember 1982Obsoletes RFC 832, Obsoleted by RFC 834Unknown
RFC 834ASCII, PDF Who talks TCP? D. SmallbergDecember 1982Obsoletes RFC 833, Obsoleted by RFC 835Unknown
RFC 835ASCII, PDF Who talks TCP? D. SmallbergDecember 1982Obsoletes RFC 834, Obsoleted by RFC 836Unknown