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NumberFilesTitleAuthorsDateMore InfoStatus
RFC 776ASCII, PDF Assigned numbers J. PostelJanuary 1981Obsoletes RFC 770, Obsoleted by RFC 790Historic (changed from Unknown September 1981)
RFC 782ASCII, PDF Virtual Terminal management model J. Nabielsky, A.P. SkeltonJanuary 1981    Unknown
RFC 804ASCII, PDF CCITT draft recommendation T.4 International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee of the International Telecommunication UnionJanuary 1981ErrataUnknown
RFC 777ASCII, PDF Internet Control Message Protocol J. PostelApril 1981Obsoleted by RFC 792, Updates RFC 760Unknown
RFC 779ASCII, PDF Telnet send-location option E. KillianApril 1981    Proposed Standard
RFC 778ASCII, PDF DCNET Internet Clock Service D.L. MillsApril 1981    Historic
RFC 780ASCII, PDF Mail Transfer Protocol S. Sluizer, J. PostelMay 1981Obsoletes RFC 772, Obsoleted by RFC 788Unknown
RFC 781ASCII, PDF Specification of the Internet Protocol (IP) timestamp option Z. SuMay 1981    Unknown
RFC 783ASCII, PDF TFTP Protocol (revision 2) K.R. SollinsJune 1981Errata, Obsoletes IEN 133, Obsoleted by RFC 1350Unknown
RFC 784ASCII, PDF Mail Transfer Protocol: ISI TOPS20 implementation S. Sluizer, J. PostelJuly 1981    Unknown
RFC 785ASCII, PDF Mail Transfer Protocol: ISI TOPS20 file definitions S. Sluizer, J. PostelJuly 1981    Unknown
RFC 786ASCII, PDF Mail Transfer Protocol: ISI TOPS20 MTP-NIMAIL interface S. Sluizer, J. PostelJuly 1981    Unknown
RFC 787ASCII, PDF Connectionless data transmission survey/tutorial A.L. ChapinJuly 1981ErrataUnknown
RFC 789ASCII, PDF Vulnerabilities of network control protocols: An example E.C. RosenJuly 1981    Unknown
RFC 791 part of STD 5

ASCII, PDF Internet Protocol J. PostelSeptember 1981Errata, Obsoletes RFC 760, Updated by RFC 1349, RFC 2474, RFC 6864Internet Standard
RFC 792 part of STD 5

ASCII, PDF Internet Control Message Protocol J. PostelSeptember 1981Errata, Obsoletes RFC 777, Updated by RFC 950, RFC 4884, RFC 6633, RFC 6918Internet Standard
RFC 793 a.k.a. STD 7

ASCII, PDF Transmission Control Protocol J. PostelSeptember 1981Errata, Obsoletes RFC 761, Updated by RFC 1122, RFC 3168, RFC 6093, RFC 6528Internet Standard
RFC 790ASCII, PDF Assigned numbers J. PostelSeptember 1981Obsoletes RFC 776, Obsoleted by RFC 820Historic (changed from Unknown August 1982)
RFC 794ASCII, PDF Pre-emption V.G. CerfSeptember 1981Updates IEN 125Informational (changed from Unknown April 2016)
RFC 795ASCII, PDF Service mappings J. PostelSeptember 1981    Unknown
RFC 796ASCII, PDFAddress mappings J. PostelSeptember 1981Obsoletes IEN 115Historic (changed from Unknown April 2014)
RFC 797ASCII, PDF Format for Bitmap files A.R. KatzSeptember 1981    Unknown
RFC 798ASCII, PDF Decoding facsimile data from the Rapicom 450 A.R. KatzSeptember 1981    Unknown
RFC 799ASCII, PDF Internet name domains D.L. MillsSeptember 1981    Unknown
RFC 806ASCII, PDF Proposed Federal Information Processing Standard: Specification for message format for computer based message systems National Bureau of StandardsSeptember 1981Obsoleted by RFC 841Unknown
RFC 788ASCII, PDF Simple Mail Transfer Protocol J. PostelNovember 1981Obsoletes RFC 780, Obsoleted by RFC 821Unknown
RFC 801ASCII, PDF NCP/TCP transition plan J. PostelNovember 1981    Unknown
RFC 802ASCII, PDF ARPANET 1822L Host Access Protocol A.G. MalisNovember 1981Obsoleted by RFC 851Unknown
RFC 803ASCII, PDF Dacom 450/500 facsimile data transcoding A. Agarwal, M.J. O'Connor, D.L. MillsNovember 1981    Unknown