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NumberFilesTitleAuthorsDateMore InfoStatus
RFC 708ASCII, PDF Elements of a Distributed Programming System J.E. WhiteJanuary 1976    Unknown
RFC 712ASCII, PDF, PDF with Images Distributed Capability Computing System (DCCS) J.E. DonnelleyFebruary 1976    Unknown
RFC 713ASCII, PDF MSDTP-Message Services Data Transmission Protocol J. HavertyApril 1976    Unknown
RFC 714ASCII, PDF, PDF with ImagesHost-Host Protocol for an ARPANET-Type Network A.M. McKenzieApril 1976    Unknown
RFC 716ASCII, PDF Interim Revision to Appendix F of BBN 1822 D.C. Walden, J. LevinMay 1976    Unknown
RFC 718ASCII, PDF Comments on RCTE from the Tenex Implementation Experience J. PostelJune 1976    Unknown
RFC 717ASCII, PDF Assigned Network Numbers J. PostelJuly 1976    Historic (changed from Unknown)
RFC 719ASCII, PDF Discussion on RCTE J. PostelJuly 1976    Unknown
RFC 720ASCII, PDF Address Specification Syntax for Network Mail D. CrockerAugust 1976    Unknown
RFC 721ASCII, PDF Out-of-Band Control Signals in a Host-to-Host Protocol L.L. GarlickSeptember 1976Obsoleted by RFC 7805Historic (changed from Unknown April 2016)
RFC 722ASCII, PDF Thoughts on Interactions in Distributed Services J. HavertySeptember 1976    Unknown