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NumberFilesTitleAuthorsDateMore InfoStatus
RFC 270ASCII, PDF Correction to BBN Report No. 1822 (NIC NO 7958) A.M. McKenzieJanuary 1972Updates NIC  7959Unknown
RFC 295ASCII, PDF Report of the Protocol Workshop, 12 October 1971 J. PostelJanuary 1972    Unknown
RFC 271ASCII, PDF IMP System change notifications B. CosellJanuary 1972    Unknown
RFC 264ASCII, PDF The Data Transfer Protocol A. Bhushan, B. Braden, W. Crowther, E. Harslem, J. Heafner, A. McKenize, B. Sundberg, D. Watson, J. WhiteJanuary 1972Obsoletes RFC 171, Obsoleted by RFC 354, Updated by RFC 310Unknown
RFC 288ASCII, PDF Network host status E. WestheimerJanuary 1972Obsoletes RFC 287, Obsoleted by RFC 293, Updated by RFC 293Unknown
RFC 290ASCII, PDF Computer networks and data sharing: A bibliography A.P. MulleryJanuary 1972Obsoletes RFC 243Unknown
RFC 292ASCII, PDF Graphics Protocol: Level 0 only J.C. Michener, I.W. Cotton, K.C. Kelley, D.E. Liddle, E. MeyerJanuary 1972Obsoleted by RFC 493Unknown
RFC 291ASCII, PDF Data Management Meeting Announcement D.B. McKayJanuary 1972    Unknown
RFC 293ASCII, PDF Network Host Status E. WestheimerJanuary 1972Obsoletes RFC 288, Obsoleted by RFC 298, Updates RFC 288Unknown
RFC 294ASCII, PDF The Use of "Set Data Type" Transaction in File Transfer Protocol A.K. BhushanJanuary 1972Updates RFC 265Unknown
RFC 300ASCII, PDF ARPA Network mailing lists J.B. NorthJanuary 1972Obsoletes RFC 211, Obsoleted by RFC 303Unknown
RFC 296ASCII, PDF, PDF with ImagesDS-1 Display System D.E. LiddleJanuary 1972    Unknown
RFC 297ASCII, PDF TIP Message Buffers D.C. WaldenJanuary 1972    Unknown
RFC 302ASCII, PDF Exercising The ARPANET R.F. BryanFebruary 1972    Unknown
RFC 298ASCII, PDF Network host status E. WestheimerFebruary 1972Obsoletes RFC 293, Obsoleted by RFC 306Unknown
RFC 299ASCII, PDF Information Management System D. HopkinFebruary 1972    Unknown
RFC 301ASCII, PDF BBN IMP (#5) and NCC Schedule March 4, 1971 R. AlterFebruary 1972    Unknown
RFC 306ASCII, PDF Network host status E. WestheimerFebruary 1972Obsoletes RFC 298, Obsoleted by RFC 315Unknown
RFC 304ASCII, PDF, PDF with ImagesData Management System Proposal for the ARPA Network D.B. McKayFebruary 1972    Unknown
RFC 305ASCII, PDF Unknown Host Numbers R. AlterFebruary 1972    Unknown
RFC 316ASCII, PDF ARPA Network Data Management Working Group D.B. McKay, A.P. MulleryFebruary 1972    Unknown
RFC 307ASCII, PDF Using network Remote Job Entry E. HarslemFebruary 1972    Unknown
RFC 311ASCII, PDF New Console Attachments to the USCB Host R.F. BryanFebruary 1972    Unknown
RFC 303ASCII, PDF ARPA Network mailing lists Network Information Center. Stanford Research InstituteMarch 1972Obsoletes RFC 300, Obsoleted by RFC 329Unknown
RFC 313ASCII, PDF Computer based instruction T.C. O'SullivanMarch 1972    Unknown
RFC 315ASCII, PDF Network Host Status E. WestheimerMarch 1972Obsoletes RFC 306, Obsoleted by RFC 319Unknown
RFC 308ASCII, PDF ARPANET host availability data M. SeriffMarch 1972    Unknown
RFC 314ASCII, PDF Network Graphics Working Group Meeting I.W. CottonMarch 1972    Unknown
RFC 309ASCII, PDF Data and File Transfer Workshop Announcement A.K. BhushanMarch 1972    Unknown
RFC 317ASCII, PDF Official Host-Host Protocol Modification: Assigned Link Numbers J. PostelMarch 1972Obsoleted by RFC 604Unknown
RFC 319ASCII, PDF Network Host Status E. WestheimerMarch 1972Obsoletes RFC 315, Updated by RFC 326Unknown
RFC 312ASCII, PDF Proposed Change in IMP-to-Host Protocol A.M. McKenzieMarch 1972    Unknown
RFC 323ASCII, PDF Formation of Network Measurement Group (NMG) V. CerfMarch 1972Updated by RFC 388Unknown
RFC 321ASCII, PDF CBI Networking Activity at MITRE P.M. KarpMarch 1972    Unknown
RFC 322ASCII, PDF Well known socket numbers V. Cerf, J. PostelMarch 1972    Unknown
RFC 320ASCII, PDF, PDF with ImagesWorkshop on Hard Copy Line GraphicsR. ReddyMarch 1972    Unknown
RFC 310ASCII, PDF Another Look at Data and File Transfer Protocols A.K. BhushanApril 1972Updates RFC 264, RFC 265Unknown
RFC 318ASCII, PDF Telnet Protocols J. PostelApril 1972Updates RFC 158, Updated by RFC 435Unknown
RFC 324ASCII, PDF RJE Protocol meeting J. PostelApril 1972    Unknown
RFC 326ASCII, PDF Network Host Status E. WestheimerApril 1972Obsoleted by RFC 330, Updates RFC 319Unknown
RFC 325ASCII, PDF Network Remote Job Entry program - NETRJS G. HicksApril 1972    Unknown
RFC 330ASCII, PDF Network Host Status E. WestheimerApril 1972Obsoletes RFC 326, Updated by RFC 332Unknown
RFC 331ASCII, PDF IMP System Change Notification J.M. McQuillanApril 1972Obsoleted by RFC 343Unknown
RFC 332ASCII, PDF Network Host Status E. WestheimerApril 1972Obsoleted by RFC 342, Updates RFC 330Unknown
RFC 327ASCII, PDF Data and File Transfer workshop notes A.K. BhushanApril 1972    Unknown
RFC 328ASCII, PDF Suggested Telnet Protocol Changes J. PostelApril 1972    Unknown
RFC 334ASCII, PDF Network Use on May 8 A.M. McKenzieMay 1972    Unknown
RFC 335ASCII, PDF New Interface - IMP/360 R.F. BryanMay 1972    Unknown
RFC 336ASCII, PDF Level 0 Graphic Input Protocol I.W. CottonMay 1972    Unknown
RFC 339ASCII, PDF MLTNET: A "Multi Telnet" Subsystem for Tenex R. ThomasMay 1972    Unknown
RFC 333ASCII, PDF Proposed experiment with a Message Switching Protocol R.D. Bressler, D. Murphy, D.C. WaldenMay 1972    Unknown
RFC 340ASCII, PDF Proposed Telnet Changes T.C. O'SullivanMay 1972    Unknown
RFC 342ASCII, PDF Network Host Status E. WestheimerMay 1972Obsoletes RFC 332, Obsoleted by RFC 344Unknown
RFC 329ASCII, PDF ARPA Network Mailing Lists Network Information Center. Stanford Research InstituteMay 1972Obsoletes RFC 303, Obsoleted by RFC 363Unknown
RFC 338ASCII, PS, PDF, PDF with Images EBCDIC/ASCII Mapping for Network RJE R.T. BradenMay 1972    Unknown
RFC 350ASCII, PDF User Accounts for UCSB On-Line System R. StoughtonMay 1972    Unknown
RFC 343ASCII, PDF IMP System change notification A.M. McKenzieMay 1972Obsoletes RFC 331, Obsoleted by RFC 359Unknown
RFC 344ASCII, PDF Network Host Status E. WestheimerMay 1972Obsoletes RFC 342, Obsoleted by RFC 353Unknown
RFC 345ASCII, PDF Interest in Mixed Integer Programming (MPSX on NIC 360/91 at CCN) K.C. KelleyMay 1972    Unknown
RFC 346ASCII, PDF Satellite Considerations J. PostelMay 1972    Unknown
RFC 347ASCII, PDF Echo process J. PostelMay 1972    Unknown
RFC 348ASCII, PDF Discard Process J. PostelMay 1972    Unknown
RFC 349ASCII, PDF Proposed Standard Socket Numbers J. PostelMay 1972Obsoleted by RFC 433Unknown
RFC 351ASCII, PDF Graphics information form for the ARPANET graphics resources notebook D. CrockerJune 1972    Unknown
RFC 352ASCII, PDF TIP Site Information Form D. CrockerJune 1972    Unknown
RFC 355ASCII, PDF Response to NWG/RFC 346 J. DavidsonJune 1972    Unknown
RFC 353ASCII, PDF Network host status E. WestheimerJune 1972Obsoletes RFC 344, Obsoleted by RFC 362Unknown
RFC 356ASCII, PDF ARPA Network Control Center R. AlterJune 1972    Unknown
RFC 359ASCII, PDF Status of the Release of the New IMP System (2600) D.C. WaldenJune 1972Obsoletes RFC 343Unknown
RFC 360ASCII, PDF, PDF with ImagesProposed Remote Job Entry Protocol C. HollandJune 1972Obsoleted by RFC 407Unknown
RFC 357ASCII, PDF Echoing strategy for satellite links J. DavidsonJune 1972    Unknown
RFC 362ASCII, PDF Network Host Status E. WestheimerJune 1972Obsoletes RFC 353, Obsoleted by RFC 366Unknown
RFC 361ASCII, PDF Deamon Processes on Host 106 R.D. BresslerJuly 1972    Unknown
RFC 354ASCII, PDF File Transfer Protocol A.K. BhushanJuly 1972Obsoletes RFC 264, RFC 265, Obsoleted by RFC 542, Updated by RFC 385, RFC 454, RFC 683Unknown
RFC 364ASCII, PDF Serving remote users on the ARPANET M.D. AbramsJuly 1972    Unknown
RFC 365ASCII, PDF Letter to All TIP Users D.C. WaldenJuly 1972    Unknown
RFC 366ASCII, PDF Network Host Status E. WestheimerJuly 1972Obsoletes RFC 362, Obsoleted by RFC 367Unknown
RFC 371ASCII, PDF Demonstration at International Computer Communications Conference R.E. KahnJuly 1972    Unknown
RFC 372ASCII, PDF Notes on a Conversation with Bob Kahn on the ICCC R.W. WatsonJuly 1972    Unknown
RFC 373ASCII, PDF Arbitrary Character Sets J. McCarthyJuly 1972    Unknown
RFC 367ASCII, PDF Network host status E. WestheimerJuly 1972Obsoletes RFC 366, Obsoleted by RFC 370Unknown
RFC 374ASCII, PDF IMP System Announcement A.M. McKenzieJuly 1972    Unknown
RFC 368ASCII, PDF Comments on "Proposed Remote Job Entry Protocol" R.T. BradenJuly 1972    Unknown
RFC 369ASCII, PDF Evaluation of ARPANET services January-March, 1972 J.R. PickensJuly 1972    Unknown
RFC 381ASCII, PDF Three aids to improved network operation J.M. McQuillanJuly 1972Updated by RFC 394Unknown
RFC 370ASCII, PDF Network Host Status E. WestheimerJuly 1972Obsoletes RFC 367, Updated by RFC 376Unknown
RFC 382ASCII, PDF Mathematical Software on the ARPA Network L. McDanielAugust 1972    Unknown
RFC 363ASCII, PDF ARPA Network mailing lists Network Information Center. Stanford Research InstituteAugust 1972Obsoletes RFC 329, Obsoleted by RFC 402Unknown
RFC 376ASCII, PDF Network Host Status E. WestheimerAugust 1972Updates RFC 370Unknown
RFC 377ASCII, PDF Using TSO via ARPA Network Virtual Terminal R.T. BradenAugust 1972    Unknown
RFC 378ASCII, PDF Traffic statistics (July 1972) A.M. McKenzieAugust 1972Obsoleted by RFC 391Unknown
RFC 387ASCII, PDF Some experiences in implementing Network Graphics Protocol Level 0 K.C. Kelley, J. MeirAugust 1972Updated by RFC 401Unknown
RFC 379ASCII, PDFUsing TSO at CCN R. BradenAugust 1972    Unknown
RFC 386ASCII, PDF Letter to TIP users-2 B. Cosell, D.C. WaldenAugust 1972    Unknown
RFC 385ASCII, PDF Comments on the File Transfer Protocol A.K. BhushanAugust 1972Updates RFC 354, Updated by RFC 414Unknown
RFC 388ASCII, PDF NCP statistics V. CerfAugust 1972Updates RFC 323Unknown
RFC 384ASCII, PDF Official site idents for organizations in the ARPA Network J.B. NorthAugust 1972Obsoletes RFC 289Unknown
RFC 389ASCII, PDF UCLA Campus Computing Network Liaison Staff for ARPA Network B. NobleAugust 1972Obsoleted by RFC 423Unknown
RFC 390ASCII, PDF TSO Scenario R.T. BradenSeptember 1972    Unknown
RFC 391ASCII, PDF Traffic statistics (August 1972) A.M. McKenzieSeptember 1972Obsoletes RFC 378Unknown
RFC 392ASCII, PDF Measurement of host costs for transmitting network data G. Hicks, B.D. WesslerSeptember 1972    Unknown
RFC 398ASCII, PDFUCSB Online GraphicsJ.R. Pickens, E. FaehSeptember 1972    Unknown
RFC 399ASCII, PDF SMFS Login and Logout M. KrilanovichSeptember 1972Obsoleted by RFC 431, Updates RFC 122Unknown
RFC 394ASCII, PDF Two Proposed Changes to the IMP-Host Protocol J.M. McQuillanSeptember 1972Updates RFC 381Unknown
RFC 393ASCII, PDF Comments on Telnet Protocol Changes J.M. WinettOctober 1972    Unknown
RFC 395ASCII, PDF Switch Settings on IMPs and TIPs J.M. McQuillanOctober 1972    Unknown
RFC 404ASCII, PDF Host Address Changes Involving Rand and ISI A.M. McKenzieOctober 1972Updated by RFC 405Unknown
RFC 405ASCII, PDF Correction to RFC 404 A.M. McKenzieOctober 1972Updates RFC 404Unknown
RFC 406ASCII, PDF Scheduled IMP Software Releases J.M. McQuillanOctober 1972    Unknown
RFC 407ASCII, PDF Remote Job Entry Protocol R.D. Bressler, R. Guida, A.M. McKenzieOctober 1972Obsoletes RFC 360Historic
RFC 400ASCII, PDF Traffic Statistics (September 1972) A.M. McKenzieOctober 1972    Unknown
RFC 401ASCII, PDF Conversion of NGP-0 Coordinates to Device Specific Coordinates J. HansenOctober 1972Updates RFC 387Unknown
RFC 408ASCII, PDF NETBANK A.D. Owen, J. PostelOctober 1972    Unknown
RFC 402ASCII, PDF ARPA Network Mailing Lists J.B. NorthOctober 1972Obsoletes RFC 363Unknown
RFC 416ASCII, PDF ARC System Will Be Unavailable for Use During Thanksgiving Week J.C. NortonNovember 1972    Unknown
RFC 410ASCII, PDF Removal of the 30-Second Delay When Hosts Come Up J.M. McQuillanNovember 1972    Unknown
RFC 396ASCII, PDF Network Graphics Working Group Meeting - Second Iteration S. BunchNovember 1972Updated by RFC 474Unknown
RFC 413ASCII, PDF Traffic statistics (October 1972) A.M. McKenzieNovember 1972    Unknown
RFC 411ASCII, PDF New MULTICS Network Software Features M.A. PadlipskyNovember 1972    Unknown
RFC 412ASCII, PDF User FTP Documentation G. HicksNovember 1972    Unknown
RFC 418PDF with ImagesServer File Transfer Under TSS/360 At NASA-Ames Research CenterW. HathawayNovember 1972    Unknown
RFC 421ASCII, PDF Software Consulting Service for Network Users A.M. McKenzieNovember 1972    Unknown
RFC 415ASCII, PDF Tenex bandwidth H. MurrayNovember 1972    Unknown
RFC 417ASCII, PDF Link usage violation J. Postel, C. KlineDecember 1972    Unknown
RFC 409ASCII, PDF Tenex interface to UCSB's Simple-Minded File System J.E. WhiteDecember 1972    Unknown
RFC 422ASCII, PDF Traffic statistics (November 1972) A.M. McKenzieDecember 1972    Unknown
RFC 419ASCII, PDF To: Network liaisons and station agents A. VezzaDecember 1972    Unknown
RFC 423ASCII, PDF UCLA Campus Computing Network Liaison Staff for ARPANET B. NobleDecember 1972Obsoletes RFC 389Unknown
RFC 429ASCII, PDF Character Generator Process J. PostelDecember 1972    Unknown
RFC 431ASCII, PDF Update on SMFS Login and Logout M. KrilanovichDecember 1972Obsoletes RFC 399, Updates RFC 122Unknown
RFC 425ASCII, PDF "But my NCP costs $500 a day" R.D. BresslerDecember 1972    Unknown
RFC 433ASCII, PDF Socket number list J. PostelDecember 1972Obsoletes RFC 349, Obsoleted by RFC 503Unknown
RFC 414ASCII, PDF File Transfer Protocol (FTP) status and further comments A.K. BhushanDecember 1972Updates RFC 385Unknown
RFC 432ASCII, PS, PDF, PDF with Images Network logical map N. NeigusDecember 1972    Unknown