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RFC 86ASCII, PDF Proposal for a Network Standard Format for a Data Stream to Control Graphics Display S.D. CrockerJanuary 1971Errata, Updated by RFC 125Unknown
RFC 87ASCII, PDF Topic for Discussion at the Next Network Working Group Meeting A. VezzaJanuary 1971    Unknown
RFC 88ASCII, PDF NETRJS: A third level protocol for Remote Job Entry R.T. Braden, S.M. WolfeJanuary 1971Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 189Unknown
RFC 89ASCII, PDF Some historic moments in networking R.M. MetcalfeJanuary 1971ErrataUnknown
RFC 90ASCII, PDF CCN as a Network Service Center R.T. BradenJanuary 1971ErrataUnknown
RFC 93ASCII, PDF Initial Connection Protocol A.M. McKenzieJanuary 1971Updates RFC 66, RFC 80Unknown
RFC 188ASCII, PDF Data management meeting announcement P.M. Karp, D.B. McKayJanuary 1971    Unknown
RFC 94ASCII, PDF Some thoughts on Network Graphics E. Harslem, J.F. HeafnerFebruary 1971    Unknown
RFC 95ASCII, PDFDistribution of NWG/RFC's through the NIC S. CrockerFebruary 1971Obsoleted by RFC 155Unknown
RFC 98ASCII, PDF Logger Protocol Proposal E. Meyer, T. SkinnerFebruary 1971Updated by RFC 123Unknown
RFC 96ASCII, PDF An Interactive Network Experiment to Study Modes of Access the Network Information Center R.W. WatsonFebruary 1971    Informational
RFC 97ASCII, PDF, PDF with ImagesFirst Cut at a Proposed Telnet Protocol J.T. Melvin, R.W. WatsonFebruary 1971    Unknown
RFC 99ASCII, PDF Network Meeting P.M. KarpFebruary 1971Updated by RFC 116Unknown
RFC 102ASCII, PDF Output of the Host-Host Protocol glitch cleaning committee S.D. CrockerFebruary 1971Updated by RFC 107Unknown
RFC 101ASCII, PDF Notes on the Network Working Group meeting, Urbana, Illinois, February 17, 1971 R.W. WatsonFebruary 1971Updated by RFC 108, RFC 123Unknown
RFC 103ASCII, PDF Implementation of Interrupt Keys R.B. KalinFebruary 1971    Unknown
RFC 104ASCII, PDF Link 191 J.B. Postel, S.D. CrockerFebruary 1971    Unknown
RFC 100ASCII, PDF Categorization and guide to NWG/RFCs P.M. KarpFebruary 1971    Unknown
RFC 106ASCII, PDF User/Server Site Protocol Network Host Questionnaire T.C. O'SullivanMarch 1971    Unknown
RFC 105ASCII, PDF Network Specifications for Remote Job Entry and Remote Job Output Retrieval at UCSB J.E. WhiteMarch 1971Updated by RFC 217Unknown
RFC 107ASCII, PDF Output of the Host-Host Protocol Glitch Cleaning Committee R.D. Bressler, S.D. Crocker, W.R. Crowther, G.R. Grossman, R.S. Tomlinson, J.E. WhiteMarch 1971Updates RFC 102, Updated by RFC 111, RFC 124, RFC 132, RFC 154, RFC 179Unknown
RFC 109ASCII, PDF, PDF with ImagesLevel III Server Protocol for the Lincoln Laboratory 360/67 Host J. WinettMarch 1971    Unknown
RFC 108ASCII, PDF Attendance list at the Urbana NWG meeting, February 17-19, 1971 R.W. WatsonMarch 1971Updates RFC 101Unknown
RFC 110ASCII, PDF, PDF with ImagesConventions for Using an IBM 2741 Terminal as a User Console for Access to Network Server Hosts J. WinettMarch 1971Updated by RFC 135Unknown
RFC 111ASCII, PDF Pressure from the Chairman S.D. CrockerMarch 1971Updates RFC 107, Updated by RFC 130Unknown
RFC 112ASCII, PDF, PDF with ImagesUser/Server Site Protocol: Network Host Questionnaire T.C. O'SullivanApril 1971    Unknown
RFC 113ASCII, PDF Network activity report: UCSB Rand E. Harslem, J.F. Heafner, J.E. WhiteApril 1971Updated by RFC 227Unknown
RFC 117ASCII, PDF Some comments on the official protocol J. WongApril 1971    Unknown
RFC 114ASCII, PDF File Transfer Protocol A.K. BhushanApril 1971Updated by RFC 133, RFC 141, RFC 171, RFC 172Unknown
RFC 116ASCII, PDF Structure of the May NWG Meeting S.D. CrockerApril 1971Updates RFC 99, Updated by RFC 131, RFC 156Unknown
RFC 115ASCII, PDF Some Network Information Center policies on handling documents R.W. Watson, J.B. NorthApril 1971    Unknown
RFC 118ASCII, PDF Recommendations for facility documentation R.W. WatsonApril 1971    Unknown
RFC 125ASCII, PDF Response to RFC 86: Proposal for Network Standard Format for a Graphics Data Stream J. McConnellApril 1971Updates RFC 86, Updated by RFC 177Unknown
RFC 126ASCII, PDF Graphics Facilities at Ames Research Center J. McConnellApril 1971    Unknown
RFC 124ASCII, PDF Typographical error in RFC 107 J.T. MelvinApril 1971Updates RFC 107Unknown
RFC 123ASCII, PDF Proffered Official ICP S.D. CrockerApril 1971Obsoletes RFC 66, RFC 80, Obsoleted by RFC 165, Updates RFC 98, RFC 101, Updated by RFC 127, RFC 143, RFC 148Unknown
RFC 127ASCII, PDF Comments on RFC 123 J. PostelApril 1971Obsoleted by RFC 145, Updates RFC 123, Updated by RFC 151Unknown
RFC 119ASCII, PDF, PDF with ImagesNetwork Fortran Subprograms M. KrilanovichApril 1971    Unknown
RFC 120ASCII, PDF Network PL1 subprograms M. KrilanovichApril 1971    Unknown
RFC 121ASCII, PDF Network on-line operators M. KrilanovichApril 1971    Unknown
RFC 128ASCII, PDF Bytes J. PostelApril 1971    Unknown
RFC 129ASCII, PDF Request for comments on socket name structure E. Harslem, J. Heafner, E. MeyerApril 1971Updated by RFC 147Unknown
RFC 130ASCII, PDF Response to RFC 111: Pressure from the chairman J.F. HeafnerApril 1971Updates RFC 111Unknown
RFC 131ASCII, PDF Response to RFC 116: May NWG meeting E. Harslem, J.F. HeafnerApril 1971Updates RFC 116Unknown
RFC 122ASCII, PDF Network specifications for UCSB's Simple-Minded File System J.E. WhiteApril 1971Updated by RFC 217, RFC 269, RFC 399, RFC 431Unknown
RFC 156ASCII, PDF Status of the Illinois site: Response to RFC 116 J. BouknightApril 1971Updates RFC 116Unknown
RFC 133ASCII, PDF File Transfer and Error Recovery R.L. SunbergApril 1971Updates RFC 114Unknown
RFC 132ASCII, PDF Typographical Error in RFC 107 J.E. WhiteApril 1971Obsoleted by RFC 154, Updates RFC 107Unknown
RFC 138ASCII, PDF Status report on proposed Data Reconfiguration Service R.H. Anderson, V.G. Cerf, E. Harslem, J.F. Heafner, J. Madden, R.M. Metcalfe, A. Shoshani, J.E. White, D.C.M. WoodApril 1971    Unknown
RFC 134ASCII, PDF Network Graphics meeting A. VezzaApril 1971    Unknown
RFC 135ASCII, PDF Response to NWG/RFC 110 W. HathawayApril 1971Updates RFC 110Unknown
RFC 136ASCII, PDF Host accounting and administrative procedures R.E. KahnApril 1971    Unknown
RFC 141ASCII, PDF Comments on RFC 114: A File Transfer Protocol E. Harslem, J.F. HeafnerApril 1971Updates RFC 114Unknown
RFC 137ASCII, PDF Telnet Protocol - a proposed document T.C. O'SullivanApril 1971Updated by RFC 139Unknown
RFC 144ASCII, PDF Data sharing on computer networks A. ShoshaniApril 1971    Unknown
RFC 155ASCII, PDF ARPA Network mailing lists J.B. NorthMay 1971Obsoletes RFC 95, Obsoleted by RFC 168Unknown
RFC 142ASCII, PDF Time-Out Mechanism in the Host-Host Protocol C. Kline, J. WongMay 1971    Unknown
RFC 143ASCII, PDF Regarding proffered official ICP W. Naylor, J. Wong, C. Kline, J. PostelMay 1971Obsoleted by RFC 165, Updates RFC 123, RFC 145Unknown
RFC 140ASCII, PDF Agenda for the May NWG meeting S.D. CrockerMay 1971Updated by RFC 149Unknown
RFC 145ASCII, PS, PDF, PDF with Images Initial Connection Protocol Control Commands J. PostelMay 1971Obsoletes RFC 127, Obsoleted by RFC 165, Updated by RFC 143Unknown
RFC 150ASCII, PDF Use of IPC Facilities: A Working Paper R.B. KalinMay 1971    Unknown
RFC 139ASCII, PDF Discussion of Telnet Protocol T.C. O'SullivanMay 1971Updates RFC 137, Updated by RFC 158Unknown
RFC 147ASCII, PDF Definition of a socket J.M. WinettMay 1971Updates RFC 129Unknown
RFC 148ASCII, PDF Comments on RFC 123 A.K. BhushanMay 1971Updates RFC 123Unknown
RFC 149ASCII, PDF Best Laid Plans S.D. CrockerMay 1971Updates RFC 140Unknown
RFC 151ASCII, PDF Comments on a proffered official ICP: RFCs 123, 127 A. ShoshaniMay 1971Updates RFC 127Unknown
RFC 152ASCII, PDF SRI Artificial Intelligence status report M. WilberMay 1971    Unknown
RFC 146ASCII, PDF Views on issues relevant to data sharing on computer networks P.M. Karp, D.B. McKay, D.C.M. WoodMay 1971    Unknown
RFC 154ASCII, PDF Exposition Style S.D. CrockerMay 1971Obsoletes RFC 132, Updates RFC 107Unknown
RFC 157ASCII, PDF Invitation to the Second Symposium on Problems in the Optimization of Data Communications Systems V.G. CerfMay 1971    Unknown
RFC 153ASCII, PDF SRI ARC-NIC status J.T. Melvin, R.W. WatsonMay 1971    Unknown
RFC 160ASCII, PDF RFC brief list Network Information Center. Stanford Research InstituteMay 1971Obsoleted by RFC 200, RFC 999, Updates NIC  6716Unknown
RFC 158ASCII, PDF, PDF with Images Telnet Protocol: A Proposed Document T.C. O'SullivanMay 1971Obsoleted by RFC 495, Updates RFC 139, Updated by RFC 318Unknown
RFC 161ASCII, PDF Solution to the race condition in the ICP A. ShoshaniMay 1971    Unknown
RFC 163ASCII, PDF Data transfer protocols V.G. CerfMay 1971    Unknown
RFC 162ASCII, PDF NETBUGGER3 M. KampeMay 1971    Unknown
RFC 167ASCII, PDF Socket conventions reconsidered A.K. Bhushan, R.M. Metcalfe, J.M. WinettMay 1971    Unknown
RFC 164ASCII, PDF Minutes of Network Working Group meeting, 5/16 through 5/19/71 J.F. HeafnerMay 1971    Unknown
RFC 165ASCII, PDF, PDF with ImagesProffered Official Initial Connection Protocol J. PostelMay 1971Obsoletes RFC 145, RFC 143, RFC 123, Updated by NIC 7101Unknown
RFC 166ASCII, PDF Data Reconfiguration Service: An implementation specification R.H. Anderson, V.G. Cerf, E. Harslem, J.F. Heafner, J. Madden, R.M. Metcalfe, A. Shoshani, J.E. White, D.C.M. WoodMay 1971    Unknown
RFC 168ASCII, PDF ARPA Network mailing lists J.B. NorthMay 1971Obsoletes RFC 155, Obsoleted by RFC 211Unknown
RFC 169ASCII, PDF, PDF with ImagesCOMPUTER NETWORKSS.D. CrockerMay 1971    Unknown
RFC 170ASCII, PDF RFC List by Number Network Information Center. Stanford Research InstituteJune 1971Obsoleted by RFC 200Unknown
RFC 171ASCII, PDF The Data Transfer Protocol A. Bhushan, B. Braden, W. Crowther, E. Harslem, J. Heafner, A. McKenize, J. Melvin, B. Sundberg, D. Watson, J. WhiteJune 1971Obsoleted by RFC 264, Updates RFC 114, Updated by RFC 238Unknown
RFC 173ASCII, PDF Network Data Management Committee Meeting Announcement P.M. Karp, D.B. McKayJune 1971    Unknown
RFC 174ASCII, PDF UCLA - Computer Science Graphics Overview J. Postel, V.G. CerfJune 1971    Unknown
RFC 175ASCII, PDF Comments on "Socket Conventions Reconsidered" E. Harslem, J.F. HeafnerJune 1971    Unknown
RFC 176ASCII, PDF Comments on "Byte size for connections" A.K. Bhushan, R. Kanodia, R.M. Metcalfe, J. PostelJune 1971    Unknown
RFC 177ASCII, PDF Device independent graphical display description J. McConnellJune 1971Updates RFC 125, Updated by RFC 181Unknown
RFC 179ASCII, PDF Link Number Assignments A.M. McKenzieJune 1971Updates RFC 107Unknown
RFC 172ASCII, PDF The File Transfer Protocol A. Bhushan, B. Braden, W. Crowther, E. Harslem, J. Heafner, A. McKenzie, J. Melvin, B. Sundberg, D. Watson, J. WhiteJune 1971Obsoleted by RFC 265, Updates RFC 114, Updated by RFC 238Unknown
RFC 180ASCII, PDF File system questionnaire A.M. McKenzieJune 1971    Unknown
RFC 182ASCII, PDF Compilation of list of relevant site reports J.B. NorthJune 1971    Unknown
RFC 178ASCII, PDF Network graphic attention handling I.W. CottonJune 1971    Unknown
RFC 187ASCII, PDF Network/440 Protocol Concept D.B. McKay, D.P. KarpJuly 1971    Unknown
RFC 184ASCII, PDF Proposed graphic display modes K.C. KelleyJuly 1971    Unknown
RFC 185ASCII, PDF NIC distribution of manuals and handbooks J.B. NorthJuly 1971    Unknown
RFC 186ASCII, PDF Network graphics loader J.C. MichenerJuly 1971    Unknown
RFC 192ASCII, PDF Some factors which a Network Graphics Protocol must consider R.W. WatsonJuly 1971    Unknown
RFC 190ASCII, PDF DEC PDP-10-IMLAC communications system L.P. DeutschJuly 1971    Unknown
RFC 191ASCII, PDF Graphics implementation and conceptualization at Augmentation Research Center C.H. IrbyJuly 1971    Unknown
RFC 193ASCII, PDF NETWORK CHECKOUT E. Harslem, J.F. HeafnerJuly 1971Obsoleted by RFC 198, Updated by RFC 198Unknown
RFC 194ASCII, PDF The Data Reconfiguration Service -- Compiler/Interpreter Implementation Notes V. Cerf, E. Harslem, J. Heafner, B. Metcalfe, J. WhiteJuly 1971    Unknown
RFC 197ASCII, PDF Initial Connection Protocol - Reviewed A. Shoshani, E. HarslemJuly 1971    Unknown
RFC 189ASCII, PDF Interim NETRJS specifications R.T. BradenJuly 1971Obsoletes RFC 88, Obsoleted by RFC 599, Updated by RFC 283Unknown
RFC 199ASCII, PDF, PDF with ImagesSuggestions for a Network Data-Tablet Graphics Protocol T. WilliamsJuly 1971    Unknown
RFC 195ASCII, PDF Data computers-data descriptions and access language G.H. MealyJuly 1971    Unknown
RFC 242ASCII, PDF Data Descriptive Language for Shared Data L. Haibt, A.P. MulleryJuly 1971    Unknown
RFC 196ASCII, PDF Mail Box Protocol R.W. WatsonJuly 1971Obsoleted by RFC 221Unknown
RFC 198ASCII, PDF Site Certification - Lincoln Labs 360/67 J.F. HeafnerJuly 1971Obsoletes RFC 193, Obsoleted by RFC 214, Updates RFC 193Unknown
RFC 181ASCII, PDF Modifications to RFC 177 J. McConnellJuly 1971Updates RFC 177Unknown
RFC 183ASCII, PDF, PDF with ImagesEBCDIC Codes and Their Mapping to ASCII J.M. WinettJuly 1971    Unknown
RFC 202ASCII, PDF Possible Deadlock in ICP S.M. Wolfe, J. PostelJuly 1971    Unknown
RFC 200ASCII, PDF RFC list by number J.B. NorthAugust 1971Obsoletes RFC 170, RFC 160, Obsoleted by NIC  7724Unknown
RFC 204ASCII, PDF Sockets in use J. PostelAugust 1971Updated by RFC 234Unknown
RFC 205ASCII, PDF NETCRT - a character display protocol R.T. BradenAugust 1971    Unknown
RFC 206ASCII, PDF, PDF with ImagesA User TELNET Description of an Initial ImplementationJ. WhiteAugust 1971    Unknown
RFC 207ASCII, PDF September Network Working Group meeting A. VezzaAugust 1971Obsoleted by RFC 212Unknown
RFC 208ASCII, PDF Address tables A.M. McKenzieAugust 1971    Unknown
RFC 203ASCII, PDF Achieving reliable communication R.B. KalinAugust 1971    Unknown
RFC 209ASCII, PDF Host/IMP interface documentation B. CosellAugust 1971    Unknown
RFC 210ASCII, PDF Improvement of Flow Control W. ConradAugust 1971    Unknown
RFC 211ASCII, PDF, PDF with ImagesARPA Network Mailing Lists J.B. NorthAugust 1971Obsoletes RFC 168, Obsoleted by RFC 300Unknown
RFC 213ASCII, PDF IMP System change notification B. CosellAugust 1971    Unknown
RFC 214ASCII, PDF Network checkpoint E. HarslemAugust 1971Obsoletes RFC 198Unknown
RFC 212ASCII, PDF NWG meeting on network usage Information Sciences Institute University of Southern CaliforniaAugust 1971Obsoletes RFC 207, Updated by RFC 222Unknown
RFC 221ASCII, PDF Mail Box Protocol: Version 2 R.W. WatsonAugust 1971Obsoletes RFC 196, Obsoleted by RFC 278Unknown
RFC 215ASCII, PDF NCP, ICP, and Telnet: The Terminal IMP implementation A.M. McKenzieAugust 1971    Unknown
RFC 219ASCII, PDFUser's View of the Datacomputer R. WinterSeptember 1971    Unknown
RFC 216ASCII, PDF, PDF with ImagesTelnet Access to UCSB's On-Line System J.E. WhiteSeptember 1971    Unknown
RFC 217ASCII, PDF Specifications changes for OLS, RJE/RJOR, and SMFS J.E. WhiteSeptember 1971Updates RFC 74, RFC 105, RFC 122Unknown
RFC 218ASCII, PDF Changing the IMP status reporting facility B. CosellSeptember 1971    Unknown
RFC 222ASCII, PDF Subject: System programmer's workshop R.M. MetcalfeSeptember 1971Updates RFC 212, Updated by RFC 234Unknown
RFC 225ASCII, PDF Rand/UCSB network graphics experiment E. Harslem, R. StoughtonSeptember 1971Updates RFC 74Unknown
RFC 223ASCII, PDF Network Information Center schedule for network users J.T. Melvin, R.W. WatsonSeptember 1971    Unknown
RFC 224ASCII, PDF Comments on Mailbox Protocol A.M. McKenzieSeptember 1971    Unknown
RFC 227ASCII, PDF Data transfer rates (Rand/UCLA) J.F. Heafner, E. HarslemSeptember 1971Updates RFC 113Unknown
RFC 226ASCII, PDF Standardization of host mnemonics P.M. KarpSeptember 1971Obsoleted by RFC 247Unknown
RFC 231ASCII, PDF Service center standards for remote usage: A user's view J.F. Heafner, E. HarslemSeptember 1971    Unknown
RFC 228ASCII, PDF Clarification D.C. WaldenSeptember 1971Updates RFC 70Unknown
RFC 229ASCII, PDF Standard host names J. PostelSeptember 1971Obsoleted by RFC 236Unknown
RFC 232ASCII, PDF Postponement of network graphics meeting A. VezzaSeptember 1971    Unknown
RFC 239ASCII, PDF Host mnemonics proposed in RFC 226 (NIC 7625) R.T. BradenSeptember 1971    Unknown
RFC 230ASCII, PDF Toward reliable operation of minicomputer-based terminals on a TIP T. PykeSeptember 1971    Unknown
RFC 235ASCII, PDF Site status E. WestheimerSeptember 1971Obsoleted by RFC 240Unknown
RFC 236ASCII, PDF Standard host names J. PostelSeptember 1971Obsoletes RFC 229Unknown
RFC 233ASCII, PDF Standardization of host call letters A. Bhushan, R. MetcalfeSeptember 1971    Unknown
RFC 238ASCII, PDF Comments on DTP and FTP proposals R.T. BradenSeptember 1971Updates RFC 171, RFC 172Unknown
RFC 241ASCII, PDF Connecting computers to MLC ports A.M. McKenzieSeptember 1971    Unknown
RFC 240ASCII, PDF Site Status A.M. McKenzieSeptember 1971Obsoletes RFC 235, Obsoleted by RFC 252Unknown
RFC 234ASCII, PDF Network Working Group meeting schedule A. VezzaOctober 1971Updates RFC 222, RFC 204Unknown
RFC 237ASCII, PDF NIC view of standard host names R.W. WatsonOctober 1971Obsoleted by RFC 273Unknown
RFC 243ASCII, PDF Network and data sharing bibliography A.P. MulleryOctober 1971Obsoleted by RFC 290Unknown
RFC 245ASCII, PDF Reservations for Network Group meeting C. FallsOctober 1971    Unknown
RFC 246ASCII, PDF Network Graphics meeting A. VezzaOctober 1971    Unknown
RFC 250ASCII, PDF Some thoughts on file transfer H. BrodieOctober 1971    Unknown
RFC 249ASCII, PDF Coordination of equipment and supplies purchase R.F. BorelliOctober 1971    Unknown
RFC 252ASCII, PDF Network host status E. WestheimerOctober 1971Obsoletes RFC 240, Obsoleted by RFC 255Unknown
RFC 247ASCII, PDF Proffered set of standard host names P.M. KarpOctober 1971Obsoletes RFC 226Unknown
RFC 251ASCII, PDF Weather data D. SternOctober 1971    Unknown
RFC 273ASCII, PDF More on standard host names R.W. WatsonOctober 1971Obsoletes RFC 237Unknown
RFC 253ASCII, PDF Second Network Graphics meeting details J.A. MoorerOctober 1971    Unknown
RFC 255ASCII, PDF Status of network hosts E. WestheimerOctober 1971Obsoletes RFC 252, Obsoleted by RFC 266Unknown
RFC 254ASCII, PDF, PDF with Images Scenarios for using ARPANET computers A. BhushanOctober 1971    Unknown
RFC 274ASCII, PDF Establishing a local guide for network usage E. FormanNovember 1971    Unknown
RFC 256ASCII, PDF IMPSYS change notification B. CosellNovember 1971    Unknown
RFC 266ASCII, PDF Network host status E. WestheimerNovember 1971Obsoletes RFC 255, Obsoleted by RFC 267Unknown
RFC 276ASCII, PDF NIC course R.W. WatsonNovember 1971    Unknown
RFC 265ASCII, PDF The File Transfer Protocol A. Bhushan, B. Braden, W. Crowther, E. Harslem, J. Heafner, A. McKenzie, J. Melvin, B. Sundberg, D. Watson, J. WhiteNovember 1971Obsoletes RFC 172, Obsoleted by RFC 354, Updated by RFC 281, RFC 294, RFC 310Unknown
RFC 278ASCII, PDF Revision of the Mail Box Protocol A.K. Bhushan, R.T. Braden, E. Harslem, J.F. Heafner, A.M. McKenzie, J.T. Melvin, R.L. Sundberg, R.W. Watson, J.E. WhiteNovember 1971Obsoletes RFC 221Unknown
RFC 280ASCII, PDF A Draft of Host Names R.W. WatsonNovember 1971    Unknown
RFC 267ASCII, PDF Network Host Status E. WestheimerNovember 1971Obsoletes RFC 266, Obsoleted by RFC 287Unknown
RFC 268ASCII, PDF Graphics facilities information J. PostelNovember 1971    Unknown
RFC 269ASCII, PDF Some Experience with File Transfer H. BrodieDecember 1971Updates RFC 122Unknown
RFC 281ASCII, PDF Suggested addition to File Transfer Protocol A.M. McKenzieDecember 1971Updates RFC 265Unknown
RFC 282ASCII, PDF Graphics meeting report M.A. PadlipskyDecember 1971    Unknown
RFC 285ASCII, PDF Network graphics D. HuffDecember 1971    Unknown
RFC 263ASCII, PDF "Very Distant" Host interface A.M. McKenzieDecember 1971    Unknown
RFC 283ASCII, PDF NETRJT: Remote Job Service Protocol for TIPS R.T. BradenDecember 1971Updates RFC 189Unknown
RFC 286ASCII, PDF Network Library Information System E. FormanDecember 1971    Unknown
RFC 289ASCII, PDF What we hope is an official list of host names R.W. WatsonDecember 1971Obsoleted by RFC 384Unknown
RFC 287ASCII, PDF Status of Network Hosts E. WestheimerDecember 1971Obsoletes RFC 267, Obsoleted by RFC 288Unknown