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NumberFilesTitleAuthorsDateMore InfoStatus
RFC 67ASCII, PDF Proposed Change to Host/IMP Spec to Eliminate Marking W.R. CrowtherJanuary 1970    Unknown
RFC 28ASCII, PDF Time Standards W.K. EnglishJanuary 1970    Unknown
RFC 29ASCII, PDF Response to RFC 28 R.E. KahnJanuary 1970    Unknown
RFC 30ASCII, PDF Documentation Conventions S.D. CrockerFebruary 1970Updates RFC 10, RFC 16, RFC 24, RFC 27Unknown
RFC 32ASCII, PDF Some Thoughts on SRI's Proposed Real Time Clock J. ColeFebruary 1970    Unknown
RFC 33ASCII, PDF New Host-Host Protocol S.D. CrockerFebruary 1970Errata, Obsoletes RFC 11, Updated by RFC 36, RFC 47Unknown
RFC 34ASCII, PDF Some Brief Preliminary Notes on the Augmentation Research Center Clock W.K. EnglishFebruary 1970    Unknown
RFC 35ASCII, PDF Network Meeting S.D. CrockerMarch 1970    Informational
RFC 36ASCII, PDF Protocol Notes S.D. CrockerMarch 1970Updates RFC 33, Updated by RFC 39, RFC 44Unknown
RFC 37ASCII, PDF Network Meeting Epilogue, etc S.D. CrockerMarch 1970    Unknown
RFC 38ASCII, PDF Comments on Network Protocol from NWG/RFC #36 S.M. WolfeMarch 1970    Unknown
RFC 39ASCII, PDF Comments on Protocol Re: NWG/RFC #36 E. Harslem, J.F. HeafnerMarch 1970Updates RFC 36Unknown
RFC 40ASCII, PDF More Comments on the Forthcoming Protocol E. Harslem, J.F. HeafnerMarch 1970    Unknown
RFC 41ASCII, PDF IMP-IMP Teletype Communication J.T. MelvinMarch 1970    Unknown
RFC 42ASCII, PDF Message Data Types E. AnconaMarch 1970    Unknown
RFC 43ASCII, PDF Proposed Meeting A.G. NemethApril 1970    Unknown
RFC 44ASCII, PDF Comments on NWG/RFC 33 and 36 A. Shoshani, R. Long, A. LandsbergApril 1970Updates RFC 36Unknown
RFC 45ASCII, PDF New Protocol is Coming J. Postel, S.D. CrockerApril 1970    Unknown
RFC 46ASCII, PDF ARPA Network protocol notes E. MeyerApril 1970    Unknown
RFC 47ASCII, PDF BBN's Comments on NWG/RFC #33 J. Postel, S. CrockerApril 1970Updates RFC 33Unknown
RFC 48ASCII, PDF Possible protocol plateau J. Postel, S.D. CrockerApril 1970    Unknown
RFC 49ASCII, PDF Conversations with S. Crocker (UCLA) E. MeyerApril 1970    Unknown
RFC 50ASCII, PDF Comments on the Meyer Proposal E. Harslen, J. HeafnerApril 1970    Unknown
RFC 51PDF with ImagesProposal for a Network Interchange Language M. ElieMay 1970    Unknown
RFC 56ASCII, PDF Third Level Protocol: Logger Protocol E. Belove, D. Black, R. Flegal, L.G. FarquarJune 1970    Unknown
RFC 53ASCII, PDF Official protocol mechanism S.D. CrockerJune 1970    Unknown
RFC 54ASCII, PDF Official Protocol Proffering S.D. Crocker, J. Postel, J. Newkirk, M. KraleyJune 1970Updated by RFC 57Unknown
RFC 55ASCII, PDF Prototypical implementation of the NCP J. Newkirk, M. Kraley, J. Postel, S.D. CrockerJune 1970    Unknown
RFC 57ASCII, PDF Thoughts and Reflections on NWG/RFC 54 M. Kraley, J. NewkirkJune 1970Errata, Updates RFC 54Unknown
RFC 58ASCII, PDF Logical Message Synchronization T.P. SkinnerJune 1970    Unknown
RFC 59ASCII, PDF Flow Control - Fixed Versus Demand Allocation E. MeyerJune 1970ErrataUnknown
RFC 52ASCII, PDF Updated distribution list J. Postel, S.D. CrockerJuly 1970Updated by RFC 69Unknown
RFC 64ASCII, PDF Getting rid of marking M. ElieJuly 1970    Unknown
RFC 60ASCII, PDFA Simplified NCP ProtocolR. KalinJuly 1970    Unknown
RFC 61ASCII, PDF Note on Interprocess Communication in a Resource Sharing Computer Network D.C. WaldenJuly 1970Obsoleted by RFC 62Unknown
RFC 63ASCII, PDF Belated Network Meeting Report V.G. CerfJuly 1970    Unknown
RFC 62ASCII, PDF Systems for Interprocess Communication in a Resource Sharing Computer Network D.C. WaldenAugust 1970Obsoletes RFC 61Unknown
RFC 66ASCII, PDF NIC - third level ideas and other noise S.D. CrockerAugust 1970Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 123, Updated by RFC 80, RFC 93Unknown
RFC 65ASCII, PDF Comments on Host/Host Protocol document #1 D.C. WaldenAugust 1970    Unknown
RFC 68ASCII, PDF Comments on Memory Allocation Control Commands: CEASE, ALL, GVB, RET, and RFNM M. ElieAugust 1970    Unknown
RFC 69ASCII, PDF Distribution List Change for MIT A.K. BhushanSeptember 1970Updates RFC 52Unknown
RFC 71ASCII, PDF Reallocation in Case of Input Error T. SchipperSeptember 1970    Unknown
RFC 73ASCII, PDF Response to NWG/RFC 67 S.D. CrockerSeptember 1970    Unknown
RFC 72ASCII, PDF Proposed Moratorium on Changes to Network Protocol R.D. BresslerSeptember 1970    Unknown
RFC 78ASCII, PDF NCP Status Report: UCSB/Rand E. Harslem, J.F. Heafner, J.E. WhiteOctober 1970    Unknown
RFC 75ASCII, PDF Network Meeting S.D. CrockerOctober 1970    Unknown
RFC 70ASCII, PDF Note on Padding S.D. CrockerOctober 1970Updated by RFC 228Unknown
RFC 74ASCII, PDF, PDF with ImagesSpecifications for Network Use of the UCSB On-Line System J.E. WhiteOctober 1970Updated by RFC 217, RFC 225Unknown
RFC 76ASCII, PDF Connection by name: User oriented protocol J. Bouknight, J. Madden, G.R. GrossmanOctober 1970    Unknown
RFC 79ASCII, PDF Logger Protocol error E. MeyerNovember 1970    Unknown
RFC 77ASCII, PDF Network meeting report J. PostelNovember 1970    Unknown
RFC 80ASCII, PDF Protocols and Data Formats E. Harslem, J.F. HeafnerDecember 1970Obsoleted by RFC 123, Updates RFC 66, Updated by RFC 93Unknown
RFC 81ASCII, PDF Request for Reference Information J. BouknightDecember 1970    Unknown
RFC 82ASCII, PDF Network Meeting Notes E. MeyerDecember 1970    Unknown
RFC 83ASCII, PDF Language-machine for data reconfiguration R.H. Anderson, E. Harslem, J.F. HeafnerDecember 1970    Unknown
RFC 84ASCII, PDF List of NWG/RFC's 1-80 J.B. NorthDecember 1970    Unknown
RFC 91ASCII, PDF Proposed User-User Protocol G.H. MealyDecember 1970    Unknown
RFC 85ASCII, PDF Network Working Group meeting S.D. CrockerDecember 1970    Unknown