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Immediate Priorities (in order)

The RSE Project List

Small-sized projects (1-6 months from start)

Priority Handle Brief Description Target start
C Acronym review The current list of approved acronyms (one that do not need to be expanded in RFC) needs to be reviewed and brought up to date or entirely discarded

Medium-sized projects (6-18 months from start of project)

Priority Handle Brief Description Target start
B Digital Archive Policy Create a formal digital archive policy for the Series January 2015
B Digital Signatures Digitally sign all RFCs June 2016
C AUTH48 changes can we improve efficiency of AUTH48 process by potentially clarifying policy and implementing new tools to streamline the process?
B Errata process review submitting errata and citing errata is non-trivial and the overall process around the errata service needs to be reviewed January 2015
C Scholarly indexing RFC are not indexed in online indexes such as: ACM Digital Library, IEEE Xplore, Google Scholar May 2013
C Short-lived references some references might not be long-lived enough from an archival perspective, and as a result, the RFC Editor may need to keep an archival copy; need to understand potential copyright and distribution issues (work in progress on this, prior to RSE appointment)
B Statistics and Metrics look at more effective ways to report on RFC stats and determine if/how this fits in to current SLA November 2015
B Citation Library Updates Formalize RFC Editor support of the citation library
C EU-ISA Interoperability Solutions for European Public Administrations (ISA) and the RFC Series
C RFC Source Code Repository Research issues around the creation of a source code repository for the RFC Series

Large-sized projects (18+ months)

Priority Handle Brief Description Target start
A RFC Format Determine the future of images, character encoding, and archival format March 2012
B EFL Author support Work with RPC, community to find ways to support EFL authors more effectively ongoing
B Infrastructure/Data Accessibility Review the overall architecture behind the editing and publication process for the RFC Editor, and refactor the environment January 2016

Potential projects (to be discussed and prioritized)

References as metadata Discuss with RPC, community potential value/cost of turning RFC references in to metadata that would be periodically updated (without republishing the RFC)
Outsourcing XML review Should the review of the XML file be outsourced?
Understanding the role of metadata in digital preservation Review of digital preservation policy and existing RFC metadata
Search response improvements Providing additional context to search returns, e.g. pointers to WG
Create an experimental space for RFC formats or features Consider having a place to test new formats or features for RFCs

Completed Projects/Tasks

Handle Brief Description Notes
ISSN what would it take to change the metadata recorded in an ISSN to move it from Publisher - IETF Trust to RFC Editor; is this a significant enough change to require the ISSN to change, and if so, what are the consequences to that change, are there financial/reputational costs? Is this a necessary change? ISSN updated 8-March-2012
Derivitive Works Clause bug in the publication of an unknown number of RFC; make sure bug is on record, process is updated for a visual check that RFC do not publish with mutually exclusive derivitive clause language (ie RFC 5728), and determine how many RFC this impacts. impacts only 1 RFC
Copyright update the info on the copyright page Page updated 14-Feb-2012
Author Overload guidance required on number and categories of contributors to an RFC. Policy doc withdrawn
New Stream Determine the criteria and process for adding a new stream to the RFC Series Proposal submitted by the ISE to have new stream docs go through the Independent Submissions stream (see wiki page)
Review of RFC Publisher function the RFC Publisher must be a self-contained entity, capable of being moved independent of Production Center; find out where the tools and processes exist that interfere with that independence. Documentation prepared and reviewed at IETF 88
Style Manual RFC Update of current accepted practice to be published as a new RFC revised style guide approved for publication April 2014
Style Manual web Creation of proto-policies, guidelines, and flexible pages
Digital Preservation Policy Review of archival process and policy for the Series
DOI assignment DOI assignments have been requested for RFCs as a way to improve the scholarly reputation of the Series DOIs added April 2015
RFC Editor website update content, look and feel to the RFC Editor website. New site published October 2015

Other Information

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