The Transitional RFC Series Editor

The material below is for background reference only. It was last updated December 2010 and may be slightly outdated.

TRSE Mission. While recruiting a long-term RSE, it was decided to instead engage an interim, or transitional RSE (TRSE). Their mission is to analyze the content and character of the permanent RSE role, to recommend changes to RFC 5620, and to obtain community consensus in support of those changes. The TRSE is then to make recommendations for recruitment, selection, and hiring processes for a permanent RSE. That mission and those activities are described in the Transitional RFC Series Editor Job Description of 4 November 2009. The TRSE's goal is to complete his work in time for a call for permanent RSE candidates at IETF 79, in November 2010 in Beijing.

TRSE Appointment. Glenn Kowack was appointed TRSE in March 2010 (26 February announcement). During the intitial period until 19 April, Bob Braden continued to serve as RFC Series Editor. On that date, Bob handed the reins to Glenn, who was then formally appointed RSE (20 April announcement), although still working in a transitional capacity, per above.

Main activities of the TRSE during this period also include:

  • Maintain continuity of editorial operations.
  • Perform the RSE job for 6 to 8 months.
  • Obtain community input.
  • Obtain input from the RFC Series Advisory Group (RSAG) as required.
  • Perform research as required to make recommendations, including study of relevant RFCs, history, practices, and processes.

Completeness and Independence. The TRSE appointment is structured for sufficient calendar time and experience in the job to not limit the completeness of recommendations, nor to force a particular solution. The TRSE is to work with full independence regarding specific processes and recommendations. The TRSE reports to the IAB for all general matters.

Regular Reports. The TRSE makes regular reports to the IAB every 4 weeks, beginning with Week 6. In those reports, the TRSE is to discuss both the content of the work, as well as the processes being employed and planned. Each will be posted here. A core element of the TRSE effort, and critical for its success, is extensive engagement with the community; please send your reflections, observations, and suggestions. These are the original reports in their entirety, with no changes.

Glenn Kowack produced two draft documents for the IAOC before taking the TRSE position. Although early drafts, they contain useful information. These documents are cited in the first report.

During his engagement Glenn produced a number of documents. For reference they are enumerated below, at the stage they were at the end of his engagement, or shortly thereafter.

Presentations to date:

  • IETF 77 Anaheim Plenary, March 2010. [HTML]
  • Internet Society Board of Trustees Meeting, Anaheim, March 2010. [PDF]
  • IAB Retreat, Boston, June 2010. [PDF]
  • IAB Meeting, Maastricht, July 2010. [PDF]

Last modified: 15 July 2011