[rfc-i] [Ietf-and-github] New Version Notification for draft-kwatsen-git-xiax-automation-00.txt

Kent Watsen kent+ietf at watsen.net
Tue Feb 26 11:47:27 PST 2019

Hi Henrik,

Just responding to your comment about the "name" attribute (all your other comments were on the level).

While RFC 7991's description of the "name" attribute is compellingly close to the intended need, it doesn't explicitly state that "name" MAY or MUST NOT include relative directory paths.  My naive reading/understanding is that the "name" is just the name of the file itself, the so called "basename" of a complete filepath value.    At least, having "name" be defined to have this concrete purpose seems to have cross-cutting value.   

My purpose seems twisted by comparison, to the extent that I question if any other tool would want or need to know an inclusion's original filepath value.   On the other hand, "originalSrc" is semantically perfect for my needs.  Let me turn this around and ask, why does preptool use "originalSrc" as opposed to "name" and, that being the case, how is it any different for xiax?


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