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Mark Nottingham mnot at mnot.net
Sun Feb 24 15:19:31 PST 2019

> On 25 Feb 2019, at 10:16 am, Heather Flanagan <rse at rfc-editor.org> wrote:
> I do think we need to give this another go, though not right now. One of my biggest concerns is that we (the RFC Editor) could end up with multiple paths for AUTH48. Not everyone (either at the individual or working group level) will want to use GitHub, and we could end up in a position where we are either a) duplicating significant effort, b) disaccommodating a significant number of authors, and/or c) becoming a GitHub help desk for those authors that are not familiar with GitHub.

That sounds like a very reasonable concern.

> I have a few other ideas percolating that I’m testing out with another organization (so, not wearing my RSE hat) that may end up being useful here. The premise there is a wiki-style front end for edits and a GitHub back end to store all the changes (and mirror any GitHub changes back into the wiki). No idea yet if that idea will fly.

Ooh, that sounds interesting!

FWIW Github wikis are backed by git -- although they may not do what you want to do (since their source is markdown). See "Clone this wiki locally", e.g., on :


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