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Phillip Hallam-Baker phill at hallambaker.com
Sun Feb 24 11:02:39 PST 2019

If people want to continue to revise an RFC after it has been submitted,
the correct way to go about it is to take the XML2RFC of the RFC and
convert it to whatever tool you want to use. I do have such a tool and it
supports Markdown, HTML, XML2RFC and Microsoft Word.

The reason the tool isn't yet available is because 1) I have been waiting
for the new RFC format to be supported, 2) I have been finishing the design
of my Mathematical Mesh project and 3) I have spent much of the past 18
months chasing a bunch of very very stupid criminals round the net who
constantly advertise their next action on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.

I use Github for my code. As with much else from Linux world, it is a tool
that demands that people adopt the same mental model as the original
designer. Since I find that mental model to be confused, arbitrary and
arcane, I refuse to do that and only make use of the simplest features
because after over forty years of working with computer systems my
experience tells me that I will not see any return on the time investment
required to learn it.

Trying to make Git do what it is supposed to is painful. Trying to adopt it
to other purposes is going to be an exercise in sadomasochism.

Take the term 'pull request'. What is that supposed to be? The only way I
can interpret the term is that it is a request that I make to access the
code in the repository. Obviously it is not that but what it is, I forget
shortly after being told.
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