[rfc-i] [Rsoc] New proposal/New SOW comment period

Jim Schaad ietf at augustcellars.com
Sat Aug 31 10:43:50 PDT 2019

So the piece of mail from Russ makes for an interesting starting point for
discussion of what you believe this new person should be doing.

He has asked for a new feature, change bars, to be added to the v3
vocabulary and provided an example of when this has been done in the past.
This means that the person in charge needs to look at this feature request
and decide what to do with it.  Except for a decision to punt, this is a
decision that has long term effects on the RFC series.  Should this be
allowed?  If allowed how is it presented for the different document formats?
What is the mechanism that this is done in the vocabulary?  Does this mean
that we should have the full set of change bar features or not?  The current
document just has bars down the side, but does not have any insert or delete

Is this the type of decision that this new Temp RFC Series Manager supposed
to be making?  


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