[rfc-i] New proposal/New SOW comment period

Jim Schaad ietf at augustcellars.com
Fri Aug 30 18:53:47 PDT 2019

I am having a problem trying to figure out what you mean when you say
tactical vs strategic in your mail.   There are a number of items which I
think of as strategic that you are placed in this SOW.  I would consider any
left over issues, and I expect there to be many, issues around the move to
the v3 xml2rfc vocabulary to be strategic.  Anything which deals with what
the long term format and display of RFCs is not something that is a short
term, let's get things done, type of problem to be solved, but is something
that needs to be examined as a long term issue.


It is not clear from the SOW if you believe that the Temp Series Manager is
supposed to be providing input into both the long term strategic re-write of
the RFC Editor model and to help in doing preparation of bid documents and
selection.  Given that this person is going to be the only one round with a
solid knowledge of how things work that would seem to me to be implied.
Again however, this is a strategic function.  


I have absolutely no idea of what is meant by the requirement "Familiarity
with a wide range of Internet technologies."  Does this mean that if I use a
web browser, an email client as well as an IM client and do web conferencing
that I meet this requirement?  I am using and thus am familiar with some of
the major technologies on the internet today.  Or instead to you mean that
there should be some type of familiarity with the workings of the technology
instead?  At least a part of me is just unsure how useful this requirement
is, after all the stream managers are the ones who are supposed to be
approving the technical content.  At most the RFC Editor needs is the
ability to say - but can the tools team, the RFC Publisher or a contractor
do something like the following to make the user experience better when
looking at the RFC Editor website.   If you mean the first then "Familiarity
with using a wide range of internet technologies." seems to be much clearer.




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