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	The RSOC has received a lot of feedback regarding the current SOW, in addition to the feedback received generally around the RSE role, both on and off list, and at the microphone at the plenary session in Montreal. We've listened, discussed, and come up with a proposal that you'll find attached here.

	Broadly speaking, the RSE role contains 2  functions, a strategic function and a tactical function. We believe that we, as a community, still want RFCs published while we discuss the RSE role evolution. We also have a contract in place with the RPC (both Production Center and Publisher), both of whom are accustomed to a day to day contact to lean on for assistance (the current RSE). 

	With that in mind, we are proposing a temporary position that focuses on the tactical components of the current RSE role, with 2 large work items in mind. 

	First, this temporary position (called the Temporary RFC Series Project Manager) would serve as the day to day contact for the RPC, assisting with tactical items.

	Second, this role would focus on the v3 format work, assisting with the delivery of the new tools for the format work, and bringing the new format work to a close.

	Details are included within the SOW, attached with this email. 

	The IAB plans on sharing a follow up email shortly, that covers possible next steps for the strategic portions of the RSE role and the evolution discussion. 

	We'd like to open a 2 week comment period on the SOW, starting on August 30, 2019, closing ons on September 14, 2019. Please send your comments and feedback to the RSOC (rsoc at iab.org <mailto:rsoc at iab.org>).

Kind regards,
Sarah Banks
For the RSOC
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