[rfc-i] V3 vocabulary and BCP 14 language

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Thu Aug 22 12:32:49 PDT 2019

Jim Schaad <ietf at augustcellars.com> wrote:
    > When one places the BCP 14 template text into a document, are the BCP

I first read this query as being, by act of pasting the BCP14 text in, that
xml2rfc would magically change "MUST" into <bcp14>MUST</bcp14>.
I thought that would be neat, but it can't be what you are asking.

AFAIK, there is no <bcp14 type="MUST" /> markup.

    > 14 keywords supposed to be wrapped in the bcp14 element from the
    > xml2rfc vocabulary or not?  I can see arguments on both sides of this
    > so I don't think that I have a personal opinion.

I think that they <bcp14>SHOULD</bcp14>.
I am in favour of more meta markup.

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