[rfc-i] Where to put a notice saying where a draft should be discussed?

Julian Reschke julian.reschke at gmx.de
Tue Aug 13 15:32:31 PDT 2019

Am 14.08.2019 um 00:28 schrieb Joel M. Halpern:
> Well, if it is a working group draft, or aimed at a specific working
> group, it is usually pretty clear.

It might be totally non-obvious to readers not familiar with the IETF.

> Conversely, if it is a new idea the author may not know where the
> appropriate place to discuss the draft really is.  Finding that out may
> be part of the reason for writing the draft.
> So sure, when it is known and not obvious, indicate it.

I don't think it's ever obvious to non-IETF people.

Also, when there's no obvious place, it might be good just define one
(personal email, issue tracker, the IETF area's mailing list...).

Best regards, Julian

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